Game Pass on your Android TV: how to play Xbox and PC games on your TV

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Game pass is the game subscription service that allows enjoy Xbox and PC titles on Android mobiles. Also on TVs with Android TV even though it is not officially supported: we show you how you can run Game Pass on your TV.

The war for streaming games has left us a service of great interest to those looking for a large catalog of titles included with subscription: Microsoft Game Pass. And it is that not only does it have more than 150 Xbox and PC games, they can also be played directly from an Android mobile or tablet. This greatly expands the possibilities of these devices since they do not need powerful hardware to run games like Halo 5. In addition, Android TVs also get Game Pass streaming even though Microsoft has not expanded the compatibility to televisions. Curiously, the interface is perfectly adapted.

Install the Game Pass Apk on your Android TV

Game Pass Android Tv Game Pass cover on Android TV

Devices and TVs with Android TV cannot download Game Pass from the Google Play store because Microsoft has not enabled this support. Even so, the company has perfectly adapted its use to television: the interface has the menus accessible with the control crosshairs, all the elements are of sufficient size and the streaming occupies the large screen without any reproducibility defects. Therefore, the only obstacle that exists is to install the Apk of a mobile on the TV.

To play Xbox Game Pass titles you need to install the latest stable application for mobiles and tablets on your Android TV. It is not a complicated process:

  • Download the latest Apk from Game Pass from Apk Mirror. You can download it to your mobile or computer, then you will have to transfer the file to the Android TV (the computer is more comfortable).
  • If you didn’t already have it, download the file manager TV File Commander on your Android TV.
  • Make sure your Android TV and the device where you downloaded the Game Pass Apk are connected to the same WiFi.
Game Pass Android Tv
  • Open File Commander and click on ‘File transfer to PC’.
  • Click on the large ‘Power’ button and type the URL in the browser of the device where you downloaded Game Pass.
Game Pass Android Tv
  • Enter the download folder of your Android TV (or any other, at your choice) and upload the Game Pass Apk.
  • Go back to the TV File Commander on your Android TV, go to ‘Internal storage’, go to the folder where the Apk is and install it. You will have to accept the installation From Unknown Sources.
  • To use Game Pass you need an Ultimate account. If you didn’t already have it the first month is worth one euro.
  • Open Game Pass on your Android TV, log in with your Microsoft account (remember, you must have Game Pass Ultimate) and you will have the entire catalog to play on TV.

All games that appear while the ‘Cloud’ option is checked they are executable on the Android TV. You need a connected controller (it is recommended that it be one for Xbox, but you can connect the one for PlayStation 4, for example) and, of course, a good Internet connection. The rest is just clicking on the game and running it on Microsoft’s servers: the latency is negligible.

Game Pass Android Tv

To return to the Game Pass menu from a running game you can use this trick: go to the start menu of your Android TV (Home button), return to Game Pass from the last open applications and click on the back icon that appears at the top right. This way you won’t have to close the application if you want to change the game (with an Xbox controller you can go directly to the Game Pass cover).

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Game Pass on your Android TV: how to play Xbox and PC games on your TV

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Game Pass on your Android TV: how to play Xbox and PC games on your TV 1

Game Pass on your Android TV: how to play Xbox and PC games on your TV 2