From the opening screen to the biodegradable filters: “Cliu Mask” is the transparent, technological and sustainable mask made in Italy

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The project, developed in smart working during the confinement by an Italian-Spanish team of designers, experts in technology and innovation, reaches the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. In a few days, you have accumulated hundreds of pre-orders from all over the world.

Safety without sacrificing style, with special attention to environmental impact: these are the basic elements that give rise to the “Cliu mask”, A transparent, technological and sustainable mask.

The project, developed in smart working during the confinement, by an Italian-Spanish team of designers, experts in technology and innovation (Fabrizio Lipani, Amalia Iavazzo, Simona Lacagnina, Alvaro Gonzalez, Dario Gattuso, Carlo Giambra), was born from the experience gained with “Tutelio”, a legal technology company that operates since 2017 in the intellectual property sector, for the protection and enhancement of creative works, design and innovation: “The idea is not to limit ourselves to support but also to accompaniment to the market of the realities that come to us – says Fabrizio Lipani Innovation designer of “Cliu Mask” – so following the intuition linked to smart masks, we decided to propose them through the countryside crowdfunding on the Indiegogo platform “.

The transparent protective screen and the “Cliu Mask” anti-fog system make it possible not to hide the face and always see the lips of the interlocutor, an aspect that is especially useful for people with hearing difficulties. A made in Italy design available in five colors (blue, gray, burgundy, green, nude) and in three sizes, with a protective screen that opens and allows for example to drink: “As for the passage of air – adds Fabrizio Lipani – the screen is far from the mouth, as the snowboard goggles, so that the air comes out from underneath ”. The mask will cost 100 euros, but if you order it in advance now it costs half.

Burgundy Cliu-2

The campaign, which kicks off the production of the first prototypes for September, in a few days has totaled hundreds of pre-orders from all over the world – Korea, Russia, the United States – in the pipeline for the first step: at a height of 20 thousand pieces sold, the students have developed a special installation – by “Sea Defense Solution”, a startup that deals with the fight against pollution, in collaboration with the University of Florence and the Polytechnic of Milan – of a barrier in ‘Arno , which will stop 20 tons of plastic waste per year, which would otherwise end up in the sea: “A gesture that symbolically returns our commitment on the environmental front, explains Fabrizio Lipani.

If the French non-profit organization “Opération Mer Propre” has declared that the imminent risk is that of having “more masks than jellyfish” in the Mediterranean, the “Cliu mask” is washable and wearable on countless occasions, it also has filters coal specials. active, which is replaced every three months, guarantees excellent air quality. By virtue of a patent from the University of Siena and thanks to the collaboration of Siena BioActive, a spin-off of the Department of Biotechnology, Physics and Pharmacy of the University of Siena, coordinated by Professor Annalisa Santucci, the replacement filters are made made of eco-sustainable and biodegradable material, totally generated from agri-food or forestry waste.

“The mask – explains Lipani – is not designed only based on Covid-19, but for the pollution of cities, an object to which you have to breathe clean air, for example when using public transport. In its Pro version, the mask is equipped with bluetooth, microphone and integrated sensors that, together with the dedicated application, monitor the state of breathing and air quality. For this version there is a UV lamp that acts as a battery charger and also allows it to be sanitized ”.