Free Fire. How to play with Paloma and her skills

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As if from a Supercell title, it has numerous characters that we can use on the island and who have their own abilities, thus choosing the one that most closely matches our style of play. Each of them has a little story, which in Paloma’s case is a very difficult past. She does not want to talk much about it, although her beauty has been a reference for many girls in the suburbs of her city.

Garena Free Fire: New Start
Garena Free Fire: New Start

Paloma skills and characteristics in Free Fire

Paloma stands out for her skill dedicated to weapons. At the default level, it can hold 30 AR ammunition before jumping out of the plane, and most importantly, the character will not take up any additional inventory space.

pigeon skills free fire

As Paloma already carries an additional 30 AR ammunition after falling from the plane, this makes her very useful for the first few fights in matches of Free fire, as players equip AR after falling. His ability specifically consists of carry more AR bullets in your bag without taking up space. The progress of this skill is distributed as follows:

  • Level 1: Can carry 30 extra AR bullets.
  • Level 2: Can carry 60 extra AR bullets.
  • Level 3: Can carry 90 extra AR bullets.
  • Level 4: Can carry 120 extra AR bullets.
  • Level 5: Unlock a jacket for his skin.
  • Level 6: Can carry 150 extra AR bullets.
  • Level 7: Unlocks ‘Avatar the Queen of Weapons’.
  • Level 8: Can carry 180 extra AR bullets.

By evolving Paloma’s ability, the character will be able to carry 180 AR ammo and thus save a lot of inventory space, allowing players to Free fire carry more health packs. Carrying extra AR ammo can also be a huge benefit for team members, as players can carry other ammo for their teammates, because a large part of the inventory space is already saved by Paloma.

How to get it and combine it with another fighter in the battle royale

With all this information we come to the conclusion that Paloma is tremendously usable in certain battle situations. Essentially, we must harness their ammunition to attack other players getting off the plane with absolutely nothing, those should be our first goals. In PvP situations, we have to be cautious and maintain an exchange of shots with the rival, since the extra ammunition that he has must exceed that of the other player.

dove free fire

On the other hand, Paloma does not have to go alone on the map, since she can combine with up to three characters to create synergies. Specifically, it can be combined with the ability to DJ Alok healing, Moco’s ability to mark enemies, and Hayato’s ability to increase armor penetration. Such a combo would be the perfect choice to play Free Fire aggressively or passively.

How do you get Paloma? It is the question that many are asking. The truth is that there is a fast way and a short way. The first is to buy it in the store for 499 diamonds if it has a 50% discount, or through 8000 gold coins. The longest route is totally free, although that will cost us to reach the account level 10 to unlock and get it.