Four Kingdoms, a game to manage kingdoms on Android

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And if we talk about medieval times, there is always a reference that comes to the fore. That reference is Age of Empires, a title that did not have the expected results on Android. Because of this, users have had to look for other alternatives to relive that experience. Empire: Four Kingdoms succeeds, although with nuances that we will explain.

Empire: Four Kingdoms |  Medieval Strategy MMO
Empire: Four Kingdoms |  Medieval Strategy MMO

How Empire: Four Kingdoms works

It is a success, but where do the keys lie? If we delve into the pure content of the game, we have to say that this work does not differ excessively from the typical social strategy titles that exist on mobile devices. You already know what the movie is about: build buildings, recruit soldiers, attack enemies… All done on the basis of waiting time for the works to be finalized. What happens is that everything is done with some care and with an interface quite appropriate to the medieval theme with which to see how our kingdom grows little by little.

Empire: Four Kingdoms tutorial

The objective of this game is get to have the most powerful castle of all players who are active in Empire: Four Kingdoms. And, this will be marked by ‘Public Order’, a scale that the game marks to determine the welfare of the kingdom, which translates into greater productivity when recruiting soldiers and producing resources. Each house diminishes that public order, so we will have to build articles or buildings that restore that order, with decoration being the most effective element.

Empire: Four Kingdoms map

Players of Empire: Four Kingdoms will have at their disposal many different buildings that they will need to construct within their borders to make their empire flourish. They can even increase the borders of their domains to accommodate the largest and most important buildings, which will allow us to both collect resources and recruit soldiers. Build all kinds of manufactures to get the wood or iron that your village needs to grow. The more villagers you use to craft upgrades, the further you can go in the war.

Clash of Clans-style online battles

The great thing about Empire: Four Kingdoms is that, despite its action-driven gameplay, there are always things to occupy our time. It is true that in the production of materials and in the works to build buildings we have to wait, but we have other tasks that the game proposes in the missions section. Alliances with other kingdoms, buying and selling of items, collecting taxes from the village … and battles against other players.

Empire: Four Kingdoms kingdoms

Now is the time to attack kingdoms and to test how prepared your army is. The number of players is not a problem in this game, as there are different levels available to choose from depending on the potential of our troops. The attacks are identical to those in Clash of Clans, where there is no live battle with the other player, but simply attacking the defenses of the enemy kingdom to loot materials, rubies and resources in general.

A game (almost) at the level of Age of Empires

The comparisons are hateful, and this time, it was not going to be less. Yes, you have investigations, you can order the buildings as you want, you can fight, but it is far from the experience of ‘Age of Empires’. It is true that it is based on the evolution of buildings, on advancing throughout the different periods of history, but it’s not the same, not even close.

Empire: Four Kingdoms missions

Another aspect in which it loses is motivated by its structure, not by the gameplay itself. And is that like most mobile games, the model free to play it is the preferential one, with all that it implies. You have chests, time accelerators, the possibility of buying coins to progress faster … You can achieve everything with the passage of time and with a lot of patience, but if at the beginning everything is built and improved in a matter of seconds, in the long run it becomes eternal.

The soundtrack is at the level of the great exponents of the genre. The game features very successful medieval music, with a melody that combines more relaxing pieces with more sonorous ones, adding a lot of epicity. The sounds of the village are also very successful and always very pleasant to listen to.