Folder for favorites and future interface on Android

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It began as a project only for certain countries, but it is already a complete development that has no more and no less than 30 million users a month around the world. It is true that this update does not have many new features, but those that exist are of great value for the user experience.

Files by Google: Free up space on your phone
Files by Google: Free up space on your phone

New favorites folder in explorer

This tool is great for deleting junk, but we may inadvertently delete something we wanted to keep. New favorites folder arrives to save files that you want to save in memory, since they will be excluded from the application’s periodic analysis. With the latest update of Google Files, this folder already appears, so you only have to update to version v1.0.362806406. To save files in favorites the process is simple. These are the steps to access and manage said folder:

  • Open Google Files
  • Select any file you have
  • Click on the menu button
  • Click on ‘Add to Favorites’

The favorites folder, like the rest, allows you to sort files by date, size and name, as well as various types of view. This folder is next to the secure folder, at the bottom of the application.

update google files folder

Apart from being able to save the files that we want within this favorites folder, we have the advantage that these files will be excluded from storage cleaning and suggestions for it, so they will be “safe” at all times.

Future interface in Google Files

While the latest Google Files update does not include any other user-facing changes (whoever warns is not a traitor), it does introduce a couple of new strings that highlight some of the upcoming features. The new code strings found suggest that Google is preparing a new user interface internal storage for the app, which will give you a breakdown of what your phone’s internal storage is taking up.

While the new UI doesn’t look all that different from Android’s built-in storage menu, it’s still a useful addition, giving you access to information directly within the app.

new interface google files

We can also see from this information that the Google Files app will soon be able to automatically detect blurry photos in storage and offer to remove them to help you save space. Additionally, this Google app will replace the app’s built-in transfer feature with Nearby Share.