Foldable electric bike (save 300 €)

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The BEZIOR X1000 1000W 12.8AH electric bike makes a reduction of 300 € at this time. This bike is a real gem with a great electronic capacity. It has a powerful 1000 W motor that achieves a maximum speed of 40 km / hour. With a weight of 28.5 kilograms, you can maneuver it easily.

Thanks to its 48V / 12.8AH battery, the electric assistance mode allows you to travel 100 km. In addition, it takes between 4 hours and 6 hours for an optimal charge of the battery. Its structure essentially made of aluminum gives it an unfailing solidity. It is also equipped on the handlebar with an IP54 LCD screen automatically displaying the detected data. You also have the possibility to manipulate certain functionalities. This machine can be used at any time. It has a high degree of impermeability.

BEZIOR X1000 1000W 12.8AH currently costs € 1,299.99 instead of 1599.99. This electric bike is available in black and yellow. In other words, if you buy this bike, you save an amount of 300 €. The place to buy it is on the gogobest site.