Flesky transforms the keyboard into a work of art with its new themes

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Table of Contents

Flesky new theme

Gboard or SwiftKey are the most popular keyboards among Android users in Spain. Although we have a wide selection, with other keyboards that deserve to take into account, such as the Samsung or the Xiaomi. In addition to speed when typing or functions such as clipboard and support for several languages, an important aspect of keyboards is their design and customization. This is a field where Flesky excels.

Flesky is a keyboard that we can download to our Android phone, which collaborates with artists to create spectacular designs. Thanks to this, the keyboard becomes a work of art, giving your phone a new and interesting look.

A work of art as a keyboard

Flesky new themes

Flesky is a keyboard that can compete perfectly with Gboard or SwiftKey, although in the past he has had bad luck. It is a keyboard with a good design, that is comfortable to use, that supports various customization options (size, position on screen) and that has support for several languages, making it suitable for all types of Android users. In addition to having predictive text to facilitate writing.

One aspect where this keyboard differs from its competitors is with its themes. They collaborate with all kinds of artists to transform the keyboard into a small work of art. In its topic section in the app on the phone you can see all the topics that are available, divided into categories. One of them is for artists, where you can see and briefly test what the keyboard will look like if you have one of those themes or backgrounds.

New Flesky keyboard themes

These themes created by artists for Flesky are paid, with prices that vary between 1.09 euros and 5.49 euros. These packs will help you transform the keyboard into a small work of art, making it a very interesting element on the phone. The selection of songs created by artists continues to grow and every few weeks new artists are added with new songs or series they have created.

If you were looking for a keyboard that gives you customization options and has a different design, Flesky will do the job perfectly. In the app you can test the themes before buying them, so you can easily choose that theme that is easy to use, that does not affect the use of the keyboard, but is visually interesting.

How to download Flesky on Android

Flesky is a keyboard app that we can download for free on the Play Store. Inside the application we find those purchases, to buy themes with which to customize the keyboard at all times. The prices of these themes range from 1.09 to 5.49 euros.

The Flesky input transforms the keyboard into a work of art with its new themes appearing first in The Free Android.