Flashlights of all types and colors for your Android phone

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There’s a lot free flashlight apps on google play and they are useful to always have them at hand. We do not know when the power is going to go out or we are going to enter a dark place and we always have our mobile phone at hand. Before you had to go in the dark to look for candles or the home lantern, but thanks to mobile phones we always have a flashlight that we can use as long as the smartphone battery keeps us on.What should we look for? It will depend on what you need … You may just want the light and nothing else. Or you want colors or you want the flashlight not through the flash the phone but through the screen of the mobile itself. Some illuminate the screen itself with colors, with messages. You may just want the basics or you want colors and effects.

Is a flashlight app necessary?

There are flashlight applications on Google Play and they may be necessary if your mobile phone does not have a default option. Many current Android phones already allow go to phone settings, from the shortcut menu, and activate the flashlight when we need it. But we can go further if we want a more complete flashlight app or with more options available for use.

Also, be careful with some flashlight apps. Look at the permissions of each one of applications before installing them because malware is common. Check that it does not access your phone calls, for example, or that don’t ask for your permission they don’t make any sense. Be careful with the flashlight apps you install and check all these details before.

Flashlight Screen

As its name suggests, this flashlight app for Android does not work using the flash but using the screen. The app makes the phone light up completely with bright and striking colors, allowing you to advance through the darkness. In addition, it allows a timer button if you are going to go to sleep and want it to turn off after a while, for example.

Flashlight Screen

Tiny Flashlight Lantern

It is one of the classics on Google Play and one of the oldest. It allows us to use the flashlight through the flash but also fully illuminating the screen. Also, you can choose between different types of flashlights which will simulate the mobile phone. Although the app is old, you can still use it.

Night light baby

It is not as such a flashlight app for Android but una night light for baby if there are children at home and you are worried that they will not be able to go to sleep. What it does is illuminate the screen with a series of animals that we can choose from. What’s more, has noise detection so it will turn on automatically if the baby wakes up. Includes different colors, highlights, etc.

Children’s flashlight

Although a lantern is something very old, it is still a hit with children. This app is a classic flashlight application that turns our phone’s flash on and off but it has a childish look so let the children use it when they need it or simply if you want to surprise them by turning them on and off.

Children's Flashlight
Children's Flashlight

Color flashlight

As its name suggests, Color Flashlight is a flashlight app with different colors available from which we can choose. You can choose a theme from all the different ones and has various light modes, night light, led banner … You can use it when you run out of light at home but also in a disco or concert thanks to the fact that it allows you to choose between several colors or effects of all kinds.


Free, no ads, simple and very very basic. If you are simply looking for a button to hit the flashlight when you need it, this application is for it. If you don’t have a default app on your mobile and you are looking for something very simple to use.

Free flashlight

Bright flashlight

Another simple, comfortable and basic application to turn on the flashlight on Android. You can turn on the screen with several different colors or use the rear flash both continuously and emitting flashes or blinks. It promises to consume little battery and is one of the most basic if what you are looking for is not to complicate yourself too much.

Flashlight Widget

Have a widget always at hand is comfortable and useful because we don’t even have to look for the app in the app drawer or remember its name. A switch that we can have on the smartphone screen to touch when we need.

Flashlight Widget

Color Flashlight LED Light

Beyond simple colors that illuminate the screen in the dark, this is one of the Android flashlight applications that allows you to put textures or messages on screen. It is designed for parties or gatherings with friends in which there is not too much lighting and allows us to put hearts, candles or a disco ball. For a concert, for a party or simply in case you want to illuminate something in a more original way than simply choosing a color to display on the screen.

LED color flashlight

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