Finetwork improves its rates: more gigs for the same price

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Featured finetwork

Finetwork is an operator which is making its way into Spain, thanks to its low-priced rates. They continue to strengthen their mobile rates with an important improvement that they have now announced: all of them now get more gigs. The increase in gigs will allow users to enjoy more time browsing, something they do without raising prices.

This finetwork data increment applies from today February 22. All the operator’s rates obtain said increase in mobile data, which in some rates goes up to 5 GB. So it is presented as a good option to consider if you were thinking of changing the rate.

This is how the new Finetwork rates are

Finetwork rates

Finetwork’s mobile contract rates with unlimited calling minutes get better now. They all get extra gigs to navigate, but they maintain the same prices that they had until now. Its conditions are also maintained without changes, such as the 1,000 free SMS, being able to share megabytes with other clients or European roaming without restrictions. The new rates look like this:

  • 8 GB and unlimited voice for 8.90 euros per month becomes 9 GB and unlimited voice (1 GB more).
  • The rate of 10 GB and free calls becomes 12 GB and free calls for 9.90 euros per month (2 GB more).
  • 12 GB and unlimited calls for 10.90 euros per month is now 15 GB and unlimited calls.
  • 25 GB and unlimited calls for 14.90 euros per month (before they were 23 GB).
  • 30 GB and unlimited calls becomes 35 GB and unlimited calls for 19.90 euros per month (5 GB more).

Users can get up to 5 GB more this way to navigate in the case of the most expensive rate, for example. This increase in gigabytes represents a great improvement in all the operator’s rates, which maintain all their conditions, as we have mentioned. You have to remember that they use Vodafone coverage, also in Europe, so you will always have a good reception.

On the Finetwork website you can see these renewed rates, in addition to proceeding to contract them. All of them are already available from today officially.

The Finetwork ticket improves its rates: more gigs for the same price appear first in The Free Android.