Find the soundtrack for your Instagram stories and reels

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search for audios and music on instagram

Instagram allows add music or audios directly from your application to publish Stories or reels, in many cases they are the key to success. So now we can search for reels based on their melody in the search engine.

Just like in the movies, have a good soundtrack on Instagram it is essential for the Stories or reels to be successful. Only in cases where we upload dialogues between people, events or actions where ambient sound is important can we do without adding music or audios to our stories or Instagram reels.

Mark Zuckerberg’s social network provides many facilities to add different sounds or songs to our publications. On the one hand we can search the database of the application and choose what we like the most, but we can also dive through the reels and capture sound that we like to reuse it in our own reel.

They are the new “Challenges”, before we tried to carry out all kinds of tests to upload it to YouTube and now we try replicate the videos with captured audios or songs of the social network.

What types of audios are there

The first thing we must be clear about is that not all profiles have the same musical catalog on Instagram. The agreements that the social network may have with artists and singer-songwriters causes some types of business accounts cannot use licensed music. For these types of accounts, the catalog offers more than 9,000 unlicensed songs that can be used for any purpose, even for commercial actions or advertisements.

In this social network we are going to find all kinds of sounds and melodies. The catalog is the most varied. As for the audios we will find all kinds of viral dialogues that have been disseminated by messaging applications, television programs, movies or series, even in the videos that we reproduce on Instagram or any other social network. If it has gone viral, we will find its audio.

types of audio on instagram

As for music we will find several different types. On the one hand we can find all kinds of successes, even if we enter the decade or the year We will see results of successes of that time. We can also directly search for genders (pop, rock, salsa, reggaeton, trap, etc.) or the use that we are going to give it, for example, if we search for “background music”We will find files of instrumental melodies of all kinds. The hits or viral themes of the moment are also present, just include the topic title or some word from the chorus and we will find what we are looking for.

If what we want is to record a video with a dialogue that has gone viral, we will have to use our imagination to find it, although with searches such as “WhatsApp audio“Or a description we will find many of the most viral.

Can we download them?

The music and sounds that we find in the Instagram database cannot be downloaded as sound files, there is no option that allows it.

You may be thinking about the option of download the story or reel before publishing it, with the arrow icon that appears at the top. With that icon, we actually download the video we have designed, with its corresponding audio, to our smartphone. The problem comes if you have added a song with copyright, in this case the story will be saved on your smartphone but at the time of playing it it will be done without sound.

In the case of reels the same thing happens, although we will see a notification which informs us about the video, which will be downloaded without sound. We will have to confirm that we want to save it without sound by pressing the button Keep or do nothing by clicking on Cancel.

save without instagram audio

Why look for them

If we want to design much more attractive stories we will need to add a soundtrack to them. If is one success theme, current or past, better, because users will easily recognize it. When we want the melody not to be the protagonist but accompany the content of the image or video, we can do thematic searches and find a sound that is in line with the rest of the content.

We can also search for new audios or themes that are viral in the stories or reel to reuse them or make a remix and publish it as your own. It is another way to reach your audience, using sounds or melodies that become popular, it is easier for your publication to appear when searching for melodies.

Sometimes we are surprised at how successful a reel can be when the content is quite simple, or at least a priori not good enough to have a high number of visits, however, a good choice of soundtrack can give you a lot of visibility.

How to search

The main option to search for soundtracks on Instagram is using the seeker. Although at first it could only be used to search for users, hashtags or geographical locations, now we can click on the musical icon of the two sixteenth notes ♬ to do musical searches. We can also click on the link See everything in the upper right and we will access the recently played songs.

search for audios on instagram

If we want to find the melodies or sounds for our publications we can also do it directly from the reel or story edition. In the first we will find the musical symbol on the left side, in the second that symbol will be at the top. Another way to access the catalog is by using the Music sticker of the Stories.

They will all lead us to seeker where we can choose the topics we want, save them in our profile or directly access the saved items by clicking on the button Has been saved just below the finder.

search for music in reel or instagram story

How to use them

If we are users of fixed habits, the best thing is that every time we find a melody, a theme, a tune that we like a lot we keep it. To do this, we just have to press the button Keep audio once we have entered the subject. That way, every time we want to add it we will have it in the saved list.

audio saved to instagram

This is a good option when we use instrumental themes or background music on a recurring basis, so we will not have to search every time we go to publish. Thus, when we access the search engine from the stories or the reels we will only have to click on the button Has been saved just below the search engine, that will take us to our personal collection to choose the perfect soundtrack for our publication.

use saved music

In Stories

To add soundtracks to your stories you can access it in two different ways, you can click on the icon of the two sixteenth notes, the music symbol at the top, or open the stickers and use the Music. The result will be the same, the search engine will open and you will be able to do a new search or access the saved topics.

Once you click on the melody you want to add, you have different ways to show the chosen cover or title. If Instagram has the lyrics we can make the fragment that is sounding displayed in real time in 4 different layouts. This is not available in all titles. What is available for all stickers are the labels in two different models, one highlights the name of the song and the other the album cover, if any.

Once we have chosen the fragment to reproduce in the timeline we just have to click on the button Ready in the upper right corner.

music on instagram stories

In reels

To publish a reel we can do a search for a song in the main search engine and press the button Use audio. This will open the edit screen with the added sound.

In this case, if we are on the screen to design a reel we will see the music icon on the left side, we press it and choose our soundtrack. In the lower part the timeline of the song is shown so that we can choose the fragment that we want to be reproduced, to fix it we will click on Ready up to the right.

find audio and reuse it in reels

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