Final Fantasy VII becomes Fortnite’s rival with its next Android game

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Final Fantasy VII becomes Fortnite's rival with its next Android game 1

Few games have penetrated as much in Spain as Final Fantasy VII. The RPG that came to the PlayStation 1 in 1997 soon became a cult game, a game that after more than two decades has been adapted to new generations of consoles with Final Fantasy VII Remake, the first part of which arrived on PlayStation 4 on last year.

This first part has wanted to expand the history of the game by focusing on Midgar, and Square Enix seems willing to take better advantage of the universe with a popular title for mobile devices with Android or iOS.

Final Fantasy VII the First Soldier is the next great Android Battle Royale

Based on the Final Fantasy VII universe, The First Soldier is a Battle Royal-style game that is set in Midgar, the city where we started in the original game and ruled by Shinra.

The game takes place 30 years before the history of Cloud and his friends, and we are aspiring SOLDIERS. It is the perfect excuse to face other players who also aspire to enter SOLDIER and fight to see who is left standing. A bit cheap excuse to justify all this gratuitous violence, but it fits the universe since Shinra’s are not exactly saints.

As we can see in the video, the title has high quality graphics, following the artistic style of Final Fantasy VII Remake. As aspiring SOLDIER, we will have the option of using melee weapons, ranged, as well as all the magic of Final Fantasy, which we should achieve with the respective materials.

Regarding availability of the game, Square Enix has not offered a specific date for the launch of the game, indicating only that it will be available for Android and iOS mobiles during 2021.

And of course, it promises to be one of the great mobile games of the year.

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