Filtered the prices of the Galaxy S21 in Spain

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Galaxy S21

Among the multiple high-end mobiles that will arrive in Spain in 2021, the Galaxy S21 are one of the first big pending appointments, and that is that if the rumors do not fail, on January 14 they will be officially presented and put on sale a few days then.

One of the biggest unknowns about these mobiles is the price, and although it is no surprise that they will be high-priced mobiles, every year there are usually fluctuations in prices. The well-known filter Rolandt Quandt has filtered what would be the final prices of these mobiles in Europe.

Prices of the Galaxy S21 leaked in Spain

Normally we are used to the Galaxy S being presented at the beginning of the year, but in this case it seems that Samsung wants to forget about 2020 as quickly as possible, advancing its presentation at the beginning of January. Their mobiles have already been tested by the FCC and the biggest Samsung store has unofficially confirmed the rumored dates, but how much will it cost?

Galaxy S21 Ultra cover

Although we already had price indications, in Winfuture they have leaked what would be the final price list in Europe, and we have the odd surprise in that regard.

The first is that in Europe there will be no 4G version of the Galaxy S21, there is only one model with 5G connectivity. The jump to a single model in terms of connectivity has led to a fluctuation in prices, which according to the model, we have a considerable reduction, a price with few changes or a price increase.

Filtered the prices of the Galaxy S21 in Spain 1

One of the most curious factors seen in the 3 models is that between the 128 and 256 GB version there is only 50 euros of difference, making the higher version quite attractive as it is not a too large price increase.

  • Galaxy S21:Taking into account that the official prices of the Galaxy S20 were 909 euros for the 4G model and 1009 euros for the 128 GB 5G version, the smallest of the three models is cheaper than its predecessor.
    • 128GB version per 859 euros.
    • 256GB version per 899 euros.
  • Galaxy S21 +:The cheapest Galaxy S21 + is 40 euros more expensive than the cheapest Galaxy S20 +, but 60 euros cheaper than the Galaxy S20 + 5G that it comes to replace. The 256GB version of the Galaxy S21 + is 10 euros cheaper than the 128GB S20 + 5G, so depending on the model you look at it is more attractive than the previous year.
    • 128GB version per 1049 euros.
    • 256GB version per 1099 euros.
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra:The most excessive of the Galaxy S21 costs 10 euros more in its cheapest model compared to the S20 Ultra and 30 euros less in its 512 GB version compared to the S20 Ultra. Small changes that given its price range do not seem to be very relevant either.
    • 128GB version per 1349 euros.
    • 256GB version per 1399 euros.
    • 512GB version per 1529 euros.

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