Filtered the main features of the Redmi Note 10

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Redmi Note 10 and 10 Pro boxes

In recent days there have been several leaks of the next Redmi, the Redmi Note 10 Pro, which will be presented in Spain on March 4. next to it there will be at least one more model, the Redmi Note 10, which will be cheaper and will have more adjusted features.

And it is those benefits, or at least the most important ones, that have been filtered in the last hours, making it clear that this mobile will focus on the mid-range or lower-middle range. And that’s not a bad thing at all.

Leaving aside the 5G in the Redmi Note 10

One of the things that most attracts the attention of the image that has been published of the new Xiaomi mobile is the processor. In the screen protector that comes in the box and where the functional features are screen printed, we see the chipset that it will use.

Filtered the main features of the Redmi Note 10

It will be the Snapdragon 678, a minor evolution of the Snapdragon 675 that we already saw in other Redmi Note. In 2021 it is rare to see a mobile that does not implement 5G, but in the price range that we expect for this Redmi Note 10 it is not that it seems like a failure, it is that we see it well.

We also see that camera main will be 48 Mpx, and it will have a wide angle and a macro. The fourth sensor will almost certainly be the typical 2MP depth gauge.

Where we do not see clipping is in the fast charge, of no less than 33W, very high for a mobile of this category. Recall that the Samsung S21 charge at 25W.

Finally, we see that the screen It is 6.43 inches and it will use AMOLED technology. This is really noticeable in this model and is that LCD screens are the norm in Redmi. The resolution is not specified so we could see an HD panel, although it is normal for it to be FHD. Just below the text that talks about this it is indicated that it will have speakers dual, something that is becoming normal and that we love.

On March 4 we will have doubts and we will know the rest of the specifications as well as their price.

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