Filter responses on Twitter and choose who can participate

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how to choose who can reply on twitter

Twitter is the social network with the most hectic pace. We publish links, news, photos, videos or texts and we respond to as many publications as we can. Viral conversations can often emerge from a simple answer, so it’s important configure responses to our messages.

Twitter is considered a microblogging network due to its limitation in messages and its chronological ordering. In the beginning, only messages of up to 140 characters could be published, similar to the old SMS that allowed 160. With each message, or tweet, you can interact in several ways: making a retweet, quoting the message, clicking on Like or directly replying to the tweet.

In the same way that we can configure which profiles follow us and decide who to follow, and just as we can silence, block or report profiles, we can also set up our conversations by deciding who can answer to our posts.

Choose who can answer

There are times when we may be interested in filtering the type of responses we want to receive in our next tweet, we can avoid unwanted responses of certain types of profiles to improve the quality of the yarn. For this we will have to do it as follows depending on the support we are using.

On the web

If we use Twitter from a web browser It is very easy to configure the conversation to choose who can reply to our tweet, we will do it as follows:

  • We connect with our profile to Twitter.
  • We click on the field What’s going on? From the top to write a new message.

twitter web 2

  • We see how the link is activated Anyone can answer with the globe icon on the left, click on it.
  • Choose one of the three possibilities: Everybody (any profile can connect to your message, if your account is private, only your followers can answer), People you follow (only these and the profiles that you mention in the tweet will be able to answer you) or Only the people you mention.

twitter web 3

  • All that remains is to press the button Tweet to post the message.

This action is reversible, that is, once you have published your message you can change the option you have chosen to see who can reply. You will have to tweet published and click on the icon menu “…” located in the upper right corner of the publication and click on the section Change who can respond to choose another of the options mentioned above.

In desktop application

The desktop application, available for Windows and macOSIt has the aesthetics and structure similar to the web version. In this case, for choose who can answer to our tweets we will do the following:

  • We open the application Twitter desktop and we connect with our profile.
  • Click on the button Tweet from the left side menu.

twitter desktop 1

  • A new window opens to write our publication, we will click on the link at the bottom Anyone can answer, has the Earth icon on its left.
  • They will open to us three options to choose from Who will be able to answer us: Everyone, People you follow (includes the profiles you have mentioned) and Only the people you mention.

twitter desktop 2

  • Once you have chosen the best option and when you have written your message, you only have to click on the Tweet button in the upper right corner.

In the same way, if we want to change this configuration in an already published message, we just have to go to it and click on the icon menu “…” and select the option Change who can respond to us.

twitter desktop 3

On iOS

For choose who can reply to our tweets From the iOS application for iPhone and iPad we will follow a process similar to those explained above:

  • We open the app and we connect with our profile.
  • Click on the icon to publish tweets in the lower right corner with the pen icon and “+” symbol.
  • Just above the keyboard we will see the link Anyone can answer, we press it.
  • We choose one of the three options that are offered to us: Everyone, People you follow (they can also reply to the profiles you mention in the tweet) and Only the people you mention.

twitter ios reply

In the same way that we have configured this aspect before publishing the tweet, we can also do it after having published it. We will go to the message in question and press the icon menu “…” in the upper right corner of the message. There we will click on the third option Change who can respond and we will choose the correct option.

On Android

For those who have an Android smartphone or tablet, the process to choose who you want to be able to replicate your tweets is very simple, we will follow these steps:

  • We open the application of Twitter and we connect with our user.
  • Click on the button Tweet located in the lower right area.
  • In the middle part of the screen, just above the keyboard, we will see the icon Anyone can answer, is the one that always comes out by default.
  • We press it and we choose the option we want: Everyone, People you follow and Only people you mention. You must bear in mind that if you choose the second option, the profiles that you mention in the tweet will also be able to respond.

twitter android choose who responds

If we want to modify this option in a message that we have previously published, we will do the same by clicking on the icon “…” at the top right of the message in question and we will choose who we want to be able to reply to that message.

To consider

The limitation of the profiles that can reply to the publications is a tool to prevent conversations from straying from the topic or that only those who we consider can participate. In any case, the rest of the options like retweeting, taking surveys, sharing or liking they continue to be maintained as always.

What others see

The first thing you should know is that the other profiles they will see that you have restricted the answers to your tweet. At the bottom of the message, under the menu with the icons to reply, retweet, like or Share, an indication will appear about who can reply to that message, in the case of the image: Only those mentioned can reply.

In the event that you choose that only the mentioned profiles can respond, they will be informed in their timeline that they can join the conversation as profiles that have been mentioned, too. will receive a notification on the device if they don’t have them silenced.

message can only reply mentioned

If you delete a tweet or your account

If finally, for whatever reason, you decide delete a posted tweet, the retweets of that post will also be eliminated, consequently the replies will lose the previous restrictions, if any.

In the case of deactivate an account of Twitter we must know that the restrictions that we had activated will disappear. At that time, all the profiles that wish to do so may be added to the reply, even if it had been restricted at the beginning. If we reactivate the account within the time available for reactivation, the original response restrictions will be reactivated.

Information on the answer screen

The profiles mentioned or those who decide to reply to a message can see how many people are participating and the most important answers according to the social network among other things.

View profiles that are responding

Any profile can see the list of profiles that are participating with your responses in a conversation or Twitter thread.

If we click on the icon Answer To participate in any of the messages in a conversation, we will see how the writing screen indicates “In response to”And some of the participating profiles. If we click on any of them, the window will open with the list of profiles that are participating with their answers in the same way as you.

in reply to twitter

Response notifications

Twitter will notify us (as long as we allow it, of course) every time we receive a mention in a tweet in which we are allowed to respond or, in the same way, a notification of each response we receive in our tweet.

As with any other mention, if someone posts a tweet that only allows responses from mentioned profiles and has included our user in the body of the message, we will receive a Push notification. We will also receive these notifications for every reply received to our tweet.

Response count

In the same way that we see a count of likes or retweets with a number next to each icon at the bottom of the original tweet, we will see the number of replies in speech bubble icon all the way to the left.

That number represents the number of direct replies the original tweet has received, so no other indirect responses are recorded to other tweets in the conversation.

Conversation ranking

When you read the conversation that arose through replies in a tweet of yours or a post from another profile, we will not always see the answers in chronological order.

In fact, Twitter performs the ranking based on other parameters to show the most interesting content at the beginning grouped in different sub-conversations. To do this, Twitter considers relevant if the original author of the tweet has responded to other comments, or if profiles that you follow are participating.

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