Files by Google updates with a favorites folder to protect your files

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Google Files Go now unzips files and shares them faster

Google Files is an application that many Android users in Spain use frequently. In recent months the application has received various improvements, such as new controls when playing videos. The app is now updated with a new feature, which is a favorites folder.

This folder will allow users add content to favorites in a simple way, so that when they want to access these files, they will find them all in that folder. So Google Files will protect them at all times, preventing them from being accidentally deleted, for example.

New favorites folder in Google Files

Google Files favorites folder

One of the star functions in Google Files is cleaning your phone storage. The app removes those duplicate files, screenshots or those that are taking up too much space on the phone when using its cleaning tool. Although this is very useful, it is possible that doing this cleaning will accidentally delete files that you wanted to keep. The favorites folder seeks to help the user in this regard.

This favorites folder is a way to put these files in a safe place. Marking any file as a favorite will send it to the favorites folder. When cleaning is done using the application, this folder will always be kept safe. All files in it will always be kept, they will not be deleted.

All you have to do is enter Google Files, find the file in question and mark it as a favorite. Once a file has been added to the application as a favorite, that folder will be displayed. The folder allows you to organize these files based on their size, date or name, just like any folder in it.

This new favorites folder is introduced in version 1.0.362806406 of the application. This feature is already rolling out for Android users, but it is not yet available to everyone. In the next few hours it is expected that everyone can enjoy this new folder.

The Google Files entry is updated with a favorites folder to protect your files appears first in The Free Android.