Fifa 21 arrives on October 6: the three novelties that every player would like to introduce in the series

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Electronic Arts’ new soccer chapter will initially launch for the current generation of consoles, and will then release a Ps5 and Xbox Series X version at the end of the year.

Summer is coming to an end and we await the great annual return of Fifa it is always higher. We are looking for news of all kinds, hopes of a remarkable title that increases little by little It’s in continues to reveal all the features that will dominate virtual soccer fields from October 9.

All fans and fans of the long-running series have dreams, very specific additions that would significantly improve a video game that, however, promises to be full of interesting changes. It certainly will not be a decisive version, for that we will have to wait until 2021 and a game fully developed for new consoles, but in the meantime let’s try to solve the three characteristics that every player would like in an ideal FIFA.

The Out of Fut Icon

EA’s sensational idea has been taking hold for years, significantly increasing the game’s reach and annual sales. the FIFA Ultimate Team it was a success from the beginning and today we find it with more and more body and full of possibilities for the creation of our personal team. One of the features they like the most is the ability to use some soccer legends. The letters of the various Maradona, Peel or Ronaldo The Phenomena, to name just a few, are of the highest level, but having them on your team is not child’s play. The price is always skyrocketing and most players obviously can’t afford them.

Solution? Making legends available even outside of Fut. Any good fan of the series will remember the Classic XI featured in Kick-Off mode. A team of historical players that you can select at any time. His return, although with a different appearance, was made in Fifa 20 thanks to Unicef ​​Soccer AID World XI. By doing so, the career mode also benefited indirectly. The idea for the next chapters of FIFA would be to give more space to the icon for the entire player and coach career. Who wouldn’t want to play an entire season like Javier? Zanetti e.g? Or, when selecting an administrator, you can choose Drogba to drive the Chelsea? The feature wouldn’t be that difficult to insert and would please fans all over the world.

New PES style editor

It must be said, in some fields the video game developed by Konami is superior. There aren’t many, of course, but the editor is definitely on another level. In Fifa we need a much more concrete gear change than the one we saw in edition 20. Some improvements had been glimpsed with the Alex Hunter customization between Fifa 17 and 19, but everything was limited. As seen in Fifa volta not convincing due to lack of variety and even the football coach and editor could certainly offer something better.

Beyond a deeper general customization, in our ideal FIFA it would be great to have the possibility to import logos and t-shirts as in Pes. Doing so would literally patch up the deficiencies in terms of licenses, seeing Juventus or Roma, but also Serie B from a strictly Italian perspective. All of this could also open up a new horizon for career mode. After the end of each season, in reality, each team changes their kits and even something similar could happen in the game, providing an editor that allows you to create completely new kits. Doing so would break the monotony that plagues a long-term career.

Journey-style player career mode

Let’s face it, when the new story mode was announced in Fifa 17, the general standing ovation came as an instinctive gesture. The advent of the Trip Alex Hunter’s has also marked the next two chapters, giving us a story certainly not of the highest narrative level but still gripping. After having lived the history of the English player and his teammates, the fans would have already wanted in Fifa 20 a The Journey with their player. Something similar was launched with the History of Fifa Volta, almost a great tutorial for the new mode rather than a true story between games.

Simultaneously with what happened between Volta and The Journey, EA has almost completely neglected the player’s career mode, which has remained too similar for several years. Unless there are sensational announcements, even in Fifa 21 the symphony will not change that much, but for the series it would be great to take the best of The Journey and transport it within the same player’s career, for an exciting and fascinating experience. mode unlike what has been offered in recent years.