FaceTime on Android: so you can enter video calls without having an iPhone

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FaceTime on Android: so you can enter video calls without having an iPhone

FaceTime already works on non-Apple devices: with the output of iOS 15, and after the servers settled down, It is now possible to access calls and video calls from an Android mobile. We show you how to achieve it and how our experience has been.

With the iOS 15 premiere Apple has opened the hand in terms of compatibility with other platforms of its apps. Apart from the audio news for Apple Music on Android, and what there will be an app for this system with which to manage the AirTags, FaceTime video calling can finally be used outside of Apple systems. All thanks to the new links to the conferences: we have tested it on our Android.

Access a FaceTime call or video call if you have the link

Facetime Android

Despite Apple’s greater openness, there will always be an essential element to use FaceTime: communication must be initiated by an iPhone, iPad or macOS. It is these devices that can create a link to the call or video call; with the obligation that they must be updated to iOS 15.

After testing the beta of iOS 15, with the install the developer version in a iPhone 12 Pro Max, we have opened FaceTime with its respective link in the browser Google Chrome of a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and of a OnePlus Nord. We have been conducting tests since the same afternoon on Monday, the date on which iOS 15 was released, but it was not until today, Thursday (June 10) when Apple servers have established connections. Previously, the link could be created, but the call did not work.

Apple servers enabled the link and allowed the call to enter from foreign devices, but did not establish the call due to connection errors

FaceTime works quite well on devices outside the Apple ecosystem, and that at no time is a dedicated app used. The calls are stable, the video is of sufficient quality (we noticed some loss of sharpness), we have not experienced jumps or stops (WiFi and mobile data) and, in general, we could say that the communications are more than decent. At least under optimal Internet connection circumstances. And with the advantage that you only need a browser (Chrome or Safari, in their latest versions).

Do you want to know how to make a FaceTime call or video call for Android users or any other platform? Let’s see.

  • The FaceTime call must be initiated by an Apple device updated to the latest developer beta (iPhone, iPad or macOS). For the tests we have used an iPhone 12 Pro Max with the relevant iOS 15.
  • Open FaceTime on the device (with the latest beta) and click on ‘Create link’.
  • Share the link with whoever you want or simply copy it to the clipboard and then send it through the app of your choice.
  • Click on the call you created: it is ready to accept anyone who has the link. Yes indeed, you will always be the one who approves their participation.
  • Click on ‘Join’ and you will be in the call or video call. Deactivate the mic or the camera as desired.
Facetime Android 2

  • Everyone who receives the link to FaceTime will be able to enter from the browser. Google Chrome is required on Android updated to the next version.
  • Participants with the link must enter the call by clicking on ‘Join’ after having entered an identifying name. A request will appear in your FaceTime for you to accept or reject it.
Facetime Android

FaceTime look and feel in Google Chrome for Android

  • Each participant will join the FaceTime having the option to activate the camera and microphone.
  • FaceTime supports video calls of up to 32 people.

{“videoId”: “x8074c7”, “autoplay”: true, “title”: “11 FREE VIDEO CALL PROGRAMS and APPS”}

As we said, calls through FaceTime and Android have seemed quite stable and with sufficient quality, but they are still far from apps like Google Meet or Zoom. Still a great progress (they are in beta). And it is great news that Apple is opening one of its key services, especially for families and groups of friends where not everyone has an iPhone.

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FaceTime on Android: so you can enter video calls without having an iPhone

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FaceTime on Android: so you can enter video calls without having an iPhone 1

FaceTime on Android: so you can enter video calls without having an iPhone 2