Facebook would already be working on its own Clubhouse

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Facebook would already be working on its own Clubhouse 1

Although the iPhone in Spain does not enjoy the presence of Android, the Clubhouse exclusivity in Apple mobiles has not stopped it from becoming extremely popular. This new audio-based social network has become the sensation of the moment, and that places it in a very compromised position.

The reason? Soon you will begin to have rivals who will not make it easy for you. Facebook, for example, would have already started working on a rival for this application according to the New York Times.

Clubhouse begins to have great rivals

It may not sound familiar to you as it is an exclusive application for iPhone, but Clubhouse has become one of the social applications of the moment. His idea is simple, and it is that the moment we enter we can access several rooms with conversations on various topics. Once inside the room we will not find a chat, but the means of communication is the voice, so we can hear all kinds of debates. As listeners, we can also “raise our hands” to ask questions.

It is not an idea that came out of nowhere, but until now no one had implemented this type of virtual chat with speakers and listeners so well, which has meant that, even being an application with access by invitation, it does nothing but gain popularity .

Facebook would already be working on its own Clubhouse 2Clubhouse, everything you need to know about the application of the moment | Omicrono.

This popularity has already reached the point that it begins to have rivals, and according to the New York Times, Facebook would already be working on a Clubhouse rival within its platform. According to people close to the company, the executives have asked the employees to create their own alternative.

Is this good for the Clubhouse? At first it seems to be all negative, since companies like Facebook have all the resources and user base to surpass Clubhouse and reduce it, but to some extent it also has its good part. The Clubhouse idea since its launch has stood out for having great potential, and that large companies are going to copy the concept should serve as validation in the market, which could help them to get more investment if they need it.

Clubhouse, almost without knowing it, has just entered a time trial in which it has the advantage of being the pioneer in its concept and has the challenge of settling down before the great giants finish with it. One of your biggest challenges when scaling to large volumes of users is your jump to Android, something that should not be long in coming.

The Facebook entry would already be working in its own Clubhouse appears first in The Free Android.