Facebook redesigns its privacy settings: new sections to access your data

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Table of Contents

Facebook has left us with many news in Spain these past months, such as the introduction of dark mode in its app. A new change is coming to your application on Android and iOS, with a new design. The design change in the application focuses mainly on the sections where users can access their personal information and the data that the social network collects.

The ‘Your personal information’ and ‘Information about you’ sections they are now united in a single section, where we find eight categories inside. Facebook thus seeks to facilitate users access to the information they collect, amid the controversy over its notice on WhatsApp.

Facebook changes access to personal information

Facebook new personal data interface

Facebook collects a huge amount of data from each user, thus creating a personal profile of each. In the application itself we can see the data they collect and download it. Until now, these data were in the section ‘Your personal information’ and ‘Information about you’. The social network decides to change these sections now where we see that information collected about us.

Now we meet with a section of your personal information, which is then divided into eight new sections. Each section is intended for something different, such as your personal information, your activity on the social network, login information … The social network sought to make it easier for us to have access to this data, although this design is not intuitive at all times. The way to access this renewed section is:

  1. Open Facebook on Android.
  2. Click on the top three horizontal stripes.
  3. Go to Settings and privacy.
  4. Click on Settings.
  5. Go to Your Facebook information.
  6. Click on Access your information.

New sections

Facebook new personal data interface 2

The social network has a total of eight new sections within this section. They are sections that give us access to certain data that have been collected from us based on our use. The eight new sections are:

  • Your activity on Facebook: Here are your publications, videos played, comments you have left …
  • Personal information: Personal data, date of opening your account, addresses …
  • Friends and followers: Information on all the interactions you have made with other users of the social network.
  • Registered information:Search history, location history …
  • Login and security information: It is the record with all the login data, all the sessions started in your account.
  • Apps and websites outside of Facebook:Those applications or pages where you have logged in using the Facebook session / account.
  • Preferences: This section collects information from facial recognition and posts from friends and pages that you have marked as favorites.
  • Ad information: A record of the user’s relationship with advertisers and personal information they store about you.

This redesign has already been launched for the Facebook application on Android and iOS, which you can download or update from the Play Store.

Facebook redesigns its privacy settings: new sections to access your data 1

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