Facebook Messenger already allows you to share screen in video calls

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These months, we have seen how video calls have gained special prominence during the confinement, which has affected Spain and the rest of Europe. It is for this reason that many applications have introduced improvements in their video, as is the case of Facebook Messengerwhich introduced group video calls in the application.

These group video calling is very popular in Facebook Messenger, so that the application of the improvement. Since that has now been introduced to the possibility of screen sharing in the same. Thanks to this function, we can show the rest of the participants in the same what is happening on the screen of our mobile.

Screen sharing in video calls

Facebook Messenger already allows you to share screen in video calls 1

This feature of screen sharing is being deployed among the users, available in the latest version of Facebook Messenger. Thanks to it, you’re going to be able to show what is happening in your phone to the person (or people) that are calling at that time. You will be able to use in video calls with up to eight participants at the same time, as it has been able to know. It can also be used in rooms, where the number of participants is up to 15 people.

To be able to share screen during a video call in the popular application, the steps to follow are:

  1. Open Facebook Messenger.
  2. You choose the person or people with which to perform the video call.
  3. Starts the video call in question.
  4. Displays the bottom of the interface.
  5. Click on Share Screen.
  6. Agree to the permissions.
  7. Expected to be able to share screen.
  8. At the end, pull down the bottom menu and tap the button to stop sharing screen.

If you want to use this function in the new rooms of the applicationwhere we can have up to 15 participants, the process to follow is the same. In the bottom menu is where we find ourselves with this function, the button that says Share screen, to be able to make use of the same in our video.

Facebook Messenger already allows you to share screen in video calls 2

You just have to have the new version of Facebook Messengerthat we can download in the Play Store, to be able to use the function. This new feature of screen sharing is launched on both Android and iOS, in addition to the desktop version of the application, to use it also on PC.

The entrance to Facebook Messenger already allows you to share screen in the video appears first on The Android Free.