Facebook improves two-step verification on Android with support for security keys

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Facebook is one of the social networks that offer two-step verification for users in Spain, which can be activated with these steps. This verification adds an additional layer of security to the account, as there is a second step to log in, such as sending a code by SMS or through apps like Google Authenticator. For desktop users, the social network also allowed the use of physical security keys.

This support for the use of physical security keys It is now expanded for the version of the social network on Android and iOS. Users with a Facebook account using two-step verification will also be able to use a physical security key in that second step to access their account.

Facebook expands the use of physical security keys

Since 2017 physical security keys could be used to log into the social network, although this support did not extend to mobile phones, despite the fact that more and more users are accessing their Facebook account from their mobile. Finally, the social network introduces such support, allowing users to buy a physical security key, such as the Google key. Once purchased, they can connect it to their device via Bluetooth or USB and register it in the two-step verification of the social network.

The social network recommends the use of a physical security key for any user. Until now, this type of device was recommended above all for people such as journalists or politicians, but it is intended that any user protect their account in this way. Keys will inform you in case someone tries to access your account from an unrecognized device. If it is not you, you can indicate it to prevent its access.

This is an important step to improving security on Facebook in its versions for Android and iOS. Users will be able to purchase a security key now or use one they have to use as the selected method of 2-step verification on their account.

How to select the key in your account

Facebook Android security key

If you have a physical security key and you want to use it as a method to log into your Facebook account with two-step authentication, you have to select it as a method. These are the steps to follow in your account:

  1. Open Facebook.
  2. Click on the three horizontal stripes.
  3. Go into Settings.
  4. Go to Security and login.
  5. Scroll down to the Two-Step Authentication section.
  6. Tap Use two-step authentication.
  7. Select Security Key and click continue.
  8. Register that key.
Facebook improves two-step verification on Android with support for security keys 1


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