Facebook doesn’t work: it’s #facebookdown. Problems also on Instagram

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The two social networks are giving problems to numerous users in different European countries (including Italy)

Facebook is giving problems to numerous users in several European countries (Including Italy). The disservice is apparently affecting many in the United States (with a spike in reports in the New York area) and several other countries as well. The boom in reports around 2 in the afternoon: many have had problems accessing the social network, denouncing especially on Twitter.

Many users have complained about problems uploading photos or posting comments. More generally, the service seems to be very slow.

Similar issues have been found on Instagram, especially in London, Paris and Amsterdam. But even in this case there are many Italian users who complain about the failure of the social network.

Facebookdown, the downdetector map

facebook down-5facebook down map-3

the #Facebookdown part of today sadly prevented us from starting the live broadcast of ours #FBlive weekly, which is then canceled. Soon!#Report

– Report (@ reportrai3) November 20, 2018