Facebook doesn’t stop: it’s developing a smartwatch

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Facebook doesn't stop: it's developing a smartwatch

The company led by Mark Zuckerberg is the perfect example of a company that leaves nothing unproven. It is capable of launching to copy proposals from its rivals, trying to have its own mobile and even a smart screen.

It was a matter of time before they set out to create a smart watch, an accessory that both in Spain and in other countries is gaining traction, either with expensive models like the Apple Watch or with smart bracelets.

Facebook’s smartwatch will prioritize messaging

According to The Information, Facebook’s proposal would be focused on messaging, in the same way that Apple’s is on health. That is not to say that Facebook’s clock does not control parameters of this type, something that would be very useful for the company since it would add hundreds of new data for its purposes.

But the main differentiation of this watch with respect to others would be the integration into the ecosystem of Facebook apps and services, we assume that at least of the three main applications, Facebook (with Messenger), WhatsApp and Instagram.

Facebook doesn't stop: it's developing a smartwatch

This was the HTC First, the “Facebook mobile”

This watch would have LTE connectivity to be used independently of the phone and would use Android as the operating system. Yes, Android, not Wear OS, which is strange but maybe Facebook wants to control the possibilities of its new device to the maximum.

The new product would arrive next year, in 2022, with a new variant the next. We do not know estimated dates or prices but it seems like a somewhat risky bet for a company that has not been able to hit the spot, at least until now, when we talk about hardware.

Not to mention how unsettling it would be for many to wear a device on the wrist linked to the servers of a company with a history of privacy-related scandals as great as Facebook’s.

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