Facebook Dating: Tinder’s new rival arrives in Spain

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Facebook Dating makes its official entry into Spain one year after being announced. In September of last year the social network announced this new service, which will be integrated into the social network itself, designed so that single users can flirt and meet new people. A service with which they seek to compete with applications like Tinder.

This new service is launched in the application of the social network, as well as in its web version. Facebook Dating is a section integrated into the application, designed so that you can find people like you. Unlike applications like Tinder, it does not swipe, but you will have to send messages.

Facebook Dating is now official

Facebook Dating access

When you open the Facebook application on your phone, you have to go to the side menu in the app, to see all the available options. Among these options you will already find Facebook Dating, which is being deployed in the new version of the application. If you decide to use this service, the social network will not inform your contacts that you have joined, nor will they at any time suggest friends as possible matches.

Once you start using this service, you are asked to create a profile in it, where you are going to fill in certain information: name, age, job, tastes and preferences … All the necessary information to be able to have a profile in a dating application. When you have completed this, you are ready to start using this service, where you can see people related to you, as well as those who are closest to you.

To show people who are related to you, that shares your same tastes and hobbies, Facebook Dating is based on groups you belong to or events you attend. Since it is possible that in these groups there are single people who are also looking for a partner.

Official Facebook Dating

If you like someone on Facebook Dating, you will have to send him a message, so that person knows that he likes you. There are no likes or matches systems, as in applications like Tinder. From today you can use this new service in Spain officially, as well as in other countries in Europe. You just have to update the Facebook app and you can start using it now:

Facebook Dating: Tinder's new rival arrives in Spain 1


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