Everything you need to know to sign up for Netflix

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hire netflix

Netflix has managed to establish itself over the years as the number one streaming audiovisual content platform in Spain. And it is not for less, since it has an innumerable number of titles at really competitive prices. If you are still one of those who resist enjoying their series, films Y documentaries, from here we encourage you to try and, in addition, we explain in a very didactic and simple way everything you need to know to contract Netflix and sign up on the industry’s leading platform.

Netflix’s leadership, however, crosses borders. Already at the end of 2020, this platform had more than 200 million users. In the last quarter of that year alone, it added almost eight million new subscribers. In this sense, the COVID-19 pandemic favored the growth of the streaming giant. Due to the confinement adopted in most of the countries, the consumption of audiovisual content through the Internet increased by more than 50%. A phenomenon that, without a doubt, Netflix also took advantage of.

Netflix currently has more than 5,500 viewing options in Spain between series, films and documentaries. It even brings together its own content that, in many cases, has had a brutal impact. Some national series such as La Casa de Papel have expanded to more than 160 countries around the world. And the same happens in the opposite case, since in Spain we have the pleasure of enjoying some of our own Netflix titles that have been produced abroad.

Other platforms like HBO or Amazon prime They are also growing and have their own original productions. But they do not reach the level of Netflix, or in number of titles and, much less in billing.

If you have read this far, you will have realized that everything they tell about Netflix is ​​not paraphernalia. So we recommend you keep reading to find out how you should hire it and be able to quickly enjoy its superb content.

How much is Netflix worth?

Netflix currently offers three plans subscription with different characteristics with which you have the right to enjoy all its content in an unlimited way.

  • Netflix Basic: It has a price of 7.99 euros per month. It is not available in HD or Ultra HD and only one screen can be viewed at a time. It allows the download of content offline on a device, and you will be able to enjoy all the titles from your Smartphone, laptop, tablet and television. It has no permanence.
  • Netflix Standard: Its price is 11.99 euros per month. In this case, the contents are available in High Definition, but not in Ultra HD. It allows simultaneous playback on two devices, in the same way as offline content download for later viewing. It is also multi-positive and you can cancel the subscription whenever you want.
  • Netflix Premium: The Netflix Premium plan has the advantages of the other subscriptions and some more additions. For 15.99 euros per month you can enjoy HD and Ultra HD content on up to four screens at the same time. Likewise, this plan compatible with TV, pc, mobile phone and tablet allows offline download on up to four devices. Despite being the most expensive rate, it is not necessary to acquire any commitment to stay.

Steps to sign up for Netflix

In the web

To start enjoying all the contents of the leading platform, you just have to follow a few simple steps. The first thing to sign up for Netflix is ​​to create a personal user account.

  • To do this, enter the Netflix website through this link.
  • Once inside, click on the button Start. It will be necessary that in this section you enter the email with which you want to register.
  • When the following screen appears, click on Continue. Here, you will need to generate a password unique and non-transferable to enter your Netflix account.
  • You will have available the three plans that we have described above: Basic, Standard Y Premium. Select the one that suits you best and click on the button again Continue.
  • Once you are authenticated, you must choose the payment methodEither a credit or debit card, PayPal, or a Netflix gift card. Enter the payment information for the platform to make the monthly charges.
  • Now, click on Start Subscription and now you will be able to enjoy all the Netflix contents in an unlimited way.

hire netflix

Through the mobile app

Other ways to contract Netflix is ​​through the app, which you will find in the corresponding Store of your Smartphone or tablet.

Once the application is already installed on your device, enter the following link through the mobile browser, or in the application itself.

hire netflix

  • The next step is to choose the Netflix plan that best suits your needs: Basic, Standard or Premium. You can change from one plan to another whenever you want.
  • Now you will have to enter a email with which to register on the platform, as well as a password unique and non-transferable.
  • Then select your payment method among the existing ones and ends the underwriting process.

For iOS, subscription via mobile app is not supported. Therefore, to contract Netflix you must do it from the own Web page. Once the process is complete, you will be able to enter from the app to enjoy streaming content.

On your Smart TV

If you have one Smart tv, the mobile application will possibly be installed and you will not need to download it. If not, you just have to enter the Store and proceed to download it. Many televisions have the Netflix button on the remote control. From here, we will get directly to the application.

  • In most Smart TVs and other multimedia players, you will have to start by providing a email user or, well, a phone number.
  • Once done, you will receive a e-mail to your email address or a SMS on your mobile, which you must open to validate your account. Click on the link and continue with the subscription process.
  • Now choose the Netflix plan that best suits your needs.
  • Enter the email log and generates a password personal.
  • Finally choose the payment method and fill in the data so that Netflix will charge you monthly. Finally, finish with the subscription process and you will be able to enjoy all the contents.

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