Everything you need to know to schedule a meeting in Teams

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Everything you need to know to schedule a meeting in Teams 1

Microsoft Teams It has become a widely used tool in the work environment to have a direct connection between the different people that make up a work group. In it you can, among other things, chat, send different types of files or schedule meetings, the topic that we are going to talk about right now and that we find extremely interesting.

Currently, online meetings have become the easiest way for the different employees of the same company, some of them in different cities and even several teleworkers, to be present to discuss important issues that could not be resolved simply by chatting or writing only text.

Technology companies such as Microsoft have realized this and that is why they have created platforms such as Teams, which are clearly oriented towards everything that has to do with remote work, granting that said meetings are much more productive. That is why it is important to know everything that this parameter of the program of the American technology giant offers us.

Meeting types

In Microsoft Teams we can talk about various types of meetings, oriented in different ways and with different purposes.

  • Quick meetings: we can talk that more than meetings are group video calls at the moment. There is no type of programming, that is, at that precise moment, rather out of urgency, several team members need to contact each other and that is why these types of meetings are held.
  • Single channel meetings: as Microsoft Teams we can put several different channels, from different parts of the company and with different employees, which can be repeated in several channels as necessary, it is also possible to organize a meeting with a single channel. That is, we are talking about a quick meeting, but only with the members of one of those channels or scheduling a meeting, but only the channel.
  • Private meetings: Teams also allows us to have private meetings with a specific person to discuss an issue and that no one has to find out.
  • Scheduled meetings: these types of meetings are the most serious, that is, they are scheduled in advance to deal with a specific topic and the attendees must be well informed about what is going to be discussed. You can even invite people from outside the working group, but it is something that we will deal with later, since they are the meetings that we are going to talk about.

How to schedule meetings

The way to schedule a meeting is much simpler than we can imagine at any given time. It will allow us to send the announcement of the meeting to all participants well in advance so that they come prepared and do not miss it.

  • If what we want is to book a meeting with members of a chat we must go to Schedule a meeting which is just below the box where the messages are written. message.
  • If we do not want only one chat to enter the meeting, what we must do is go to Calendar of Teams, located on the left side of the application, and click on New Reunion.
  • Now we have to select the time interval in the form that comes out below. Here we can put a title, the people we want will be invited and details regarding the meeting will be added.

Teams meeting schedule

  • Once we have completed all the details of the meeting it is time to click on Keep. This will cause an invitation to be sent to the inboxes of their respective emails to all participants.

How to invite people from outside the workgroup

Teams allows us to invite people from outside the workgroup we have at the time, as long as we know their email address. We must follow these steps:

  • We must press where it says Add the necessary assistants and we select Optional.
  • Then we write the Email address shower person.
  • Now is the time to click Invite and then you will receive an email with the meeting link.

Schedule a channel meeting

The steps to be able to schedule a meeting that only involves one channel are the following:

  • We select New meeting.
  • Then we put the name of a channel where it says Add a channel. You should know that we cannot add a different channel once we have sent the invitation.
  • Then we open the Scheduling assistant to find the best time for our channel meeting to take place.

Teams programming assistant

  • If we want this meeting to take place every so often we can open the drop-down menu next to It is not repeated (below the date). Then we choose the frequency with which we want this meeting to occur or directly select Personalized to create our own frequency.

Schedule meetings on a channel calendar

If what we want is to add a meeting, but directly from the channel’s calendar, the way to do it is also quite simple and does not have many complications.

  • We select Add new event at the top of the calendar itself.
  • Now it is time to click and drag the cursor on the calendar to select a specific block of time.
  • We can also select the arrow next to Meet now at the top of the application by opening the menu and selecting Schedule meeting.
  • Then the programming form will open with the name of the channel already set. You can specify person by hand, knowing that any invitee that we put will not have access to the channel’s calendar, having to add themselves to the meeting invitation that arrives.

With all that we have told, we can now master all the types of meetings that we can do in Teams and we know how to schedule them so that all those we want can access. It is one of the best ways to get several people from the same working group together to discuss the specific topic that each meeting is about. Now this programming no longer has secrets for us.

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