Everything you need to know about Instagram groups

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Table of Contents

The Instagram groups They can be a good option in many ways, but as in other applications that also have this type of communication system, it may be the case that they are something in which we do not want to participate. Well, today we are going to teach you from how to create one to practically avoid being added to them.

Instagram groups are nothing other than conversations in which we can invite friends who follow us to have the same conversation with everyone. But they can also incorporate us into groups in which it may be the case that we do not know all the users of this, so we will have to see all the aspects that may be presented to us.

How to create an Instagram group

The way to create a group is very simple, we just have to do the following:

  • We enter the mobile application of Instagram.
  • Then we click on the button that is at the top right in the shape of a triangle, to enter the Messages.
  • Once inside we click on the button Write a message, which is none other than the drawing of a pencil inside a square, located in the upper right part.
  • Now it throws us the possibility of indicating what contact or contacts we want our message to reach them. By choosing several, what we are doing is creating a group.
  • When we have chosen all the contacts, we only click on Chat and we write the message we want.
  • This message will reach all the contacts we have selected, forming a group in which everyone can participate.

Instagram groups

Not only will we be able to write among all of us in the group, but we will also be able to carry out a video chat live, by clicking on the button on the top right, in the shape of a camera.

Group details

Once we have the group created, we will be able to manage it in different ways so that it better suits our needs and tastes. That is, we will have certain options that we can activate as we need.

To do this we have to press the button with a i surrounded by a circle which is in the upper right of the group room.

Once we are here we are going to see a series of options that can be very interesting to configure the behavior of the group to our liking.

  • Mute messages: With this option we will prevent any notification of group messages from reaching us, but if they mention us, it will notify us.
  • Mute mentions: in this way we will not receive any type of notification if we are mentioned in the group.
  • Mute call notifications: In this way, if someone does a video chat, we will not receive that notification, so we will not be able to answer it or participate.
  • Move to “General”: We can move this group chat to the General part, without the rest of the group members knowing about it. We also have the option to redo these changes and return to the same place where it was.

Instqgram options groups

What to do if we do not want to enter the groups?

Lately it is happening a lot that we receive notifications from groups where we do not know anyone or all of us only know who a person is. Many of these groups are created as a form of spam and many may even have malicious links that can infect our smartphone.

If we want this to not continue to happen to us, we have a simple way to prevent more groups of this type from proliferating on our Instagram account and we can do so by just following these steps:

  • We open the instagram app and we enter our profile, by clicking on the lower left photo of the screen.
  • Now is the time to click on the three vertical stripes at the top right of the screen.
  • Click on Setting, right at the bottom of the tab that just came out.
  • Then we must click on Privacy and within this window click on Messages.

Instagram groups

  • Now we must look for the option Allow other people to add you to groups. You will see that we have two options, All or Only people you follow.
  • At this time it is everyone’s choice, but if you don’t want to see yourself in groups of people you don’t know, the best option is Only people you follow.

Limit Instagram groups

As you can see, there is no way within Instagram to avoid being put into any group, but we can limit it to only those people we trust, since they are the ones we follow.

We must warn you that this function does not work for all Instagram users, something that we have been able to experience. We don’t know why, but we still have to tell you.

What are Instagram Pods?

Maybe sometime when looking for something related to Instagram groups, you have seen the concept of Instagram Pods and you doubt if it is a type of group or not. Well, Instagram Pods is an association or communities of users that support each other to try to help each other grow within the social network, collaborating with each other.

This is achieved by creating groups in which everyone follows everyone and everyone likes everyone’s photos or videos. It is a system similar to the one that existed and was very fashionable years ago for YouTube’s sub x sub.

This practice is not very well regarded by Instagram and that is why it has already closed groups where this system was used to grow, but the truth is that there are many others within the social network.

We can call this system carries positive and negative parts for any Instagram account. Among the advantages we can say that we have a better positioning of the publications, greater reach and it may be that it attracts more users.

But on the negative side we have to take a lot of time to carry out all the tasks, that is, if the group is very large you will have to like each of the photos or videos of the others. In addition, the analytics data of the application will no longer be real and not only will you be able to miss publications that you like, but you will have to give a positive vote to some that in other circumstances you would not give it.

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