Everything we know about the new iPhone 12, awaiting the official presentation

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The four new mobile phones from Apple (2 basic and two Pro) should be made official in October. Here are the rumors about technical specifications, camera and design.

The presentation is postponed (apparently) to October, but there are many rumors leaked on the web regarding the new iPhone 12, starting with the models, which should be 4 in total. Two basic and two advanced. The cheapest, in all probability the one that will sell the best because it is more affordable, especially for those who cannot do without changing their iPhone every year, should be theiPhone 12 from 5.4 “. The first to be sold in apple store Together with 12 max from 6.11 “. Then it will be the turn of the respective more powerful and higher-performance versions: the 12 Pro from 6.1 “and the 12 Max Pro, the top of the range, from 6.7 “. In short, a small tablet. The first mockup of the new iPhones had been previewed Japanese blog Mac Otakara.

Features of the new iPhone 12

What will be the characteristics of the new iPhone 12? Everything remains in the stream of probabilities, they are nothing more than indiscretions that have also bounced between highly authorized sources in terms of technology and smartphones. It seems that the iPhone 12 and 12 Max will have an aluminum body and dual rear cameras (plus a front one); both should be available in 4G and 5G versions. The Pro versions, on the other hand, should have a stainless steel body and a triple rear camera with LiDar (the new augmented reality sensor). Summarizing:

  • iPhone 12: aluminum body, dual camera
  • iPhone 12 Max: stainless steel body, triple chamber + LiDar
  • iPhone 12 Pro: aluminum body, dual camera
  • iPhone 12 Max Pro: stainless steel body, triple chamber + LiDar

New iPhone prices

Price wise, the entry-level model should cost $ 649, while the most expensive should start at 1099 in its base version.

The first mockup was leaked on the web.

IPhone 12-2 Drills

Viewing the new iPhone

Even on the front of the screen, the rumors were not wasted. The main novelty could refer to the 120 Hz refresh rate for the more expensive models (the Pro to be clear), while the basic versions of the new iPhone should keep the classic 60Hz. It is almost certain that all the screens will be OLED, there are those who argue that it could be Samsung who produces them for the high-end models.

There are those who say, again, that the screens could be thinner than those of the iPhone 11, more energy efficient and less expensive for the Cupertino multinational. However, all information should be taken strictly with a grain of salt.

Technical specifications and camera

All iPhone 12 models will have 99% of5G antenna, in combination with the Bionic A14 Processor (which would seem like the best performance of all time). The Ram could go from 4 to 6 GB for the Pro versions, while for the base models it should remain at 4. On the memory front, however, it would go from 128 to 512 GB (the latter only for Pro).

The new iPhone should guarantee even better shooting quality than in the past. Photographs with the LiDar technology – mind you, only for the more expensive versions – the AR (augmented reality) and Portrait modes should improve, and not a bit; In fact, the new sensor uses the laser to measure the distance and depth of the lens from the framed subject, making the end result professional.

The new iOS 14

On the software front, the new iOS 14, already presented at the annual WWDC 2020 conference, will introduce widgets (already seen for some time on Android), which will allow you to customize the different screens to your liking. A new fitness app and very important app updates are also planned. iMessage.

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