Everything we can do with Twitter videos

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Twitter videos

Although there are specific social networks of videos, the truth is that this type of format has taken a lot of prominence in recent times in Twitter. Currently we can only perform a few actions with these videos, such as starting, pausing or moving them in the timeline. Well, today we are going to show you how we can interact with them in different ways to have several more possibilities.

As we told you, Twitter videos do not offer us great possibilities when we are watching them, since, natively, the options are few and they are still oriented to see the video and little else. But we have some additional possibility if we use the extensions that currently exist for Google Chrome, the famous browser of the great G. With this software implemented in Chrome we will get new powers and very interesting options for Twitter videos.

Google Chrome extensions

In order to have more options in the videos that we see from Twitter, we will use chrome extensions as we have told you. These extensions are programs that are added to the browser to ensure that there is a extra function and thus to be able to cover certain needs that otherwise would be impossible to have.

To have any extension we must download it from the specific store than Google has created for this, add them to our browser and, how could it be otherwise, activate them, since, even if they are installed, if we put them into operation we will not be able to enjoy what they offer us.

With what we are going to see next, we will be able to have powers in the Twitter videos that currently not only do not exist in the official version, but it is extremely difficult for them to ever be incorporated.

Video speed control

Video Speed ​​Controller

Video Speed ​​Controller

This extension will allow us to control Twitter videos in an easy way. Above all, we like it because it offers us many different control possibilities. This is a software that would also be useful, for example, for Facebook videos, since it is also integrated into this social network. This extension allows the native APIs that the videos of the social network have to no longer be hidden by which we can handle it and change certain parameters of it.

  • Let’s go to the extension website and click on Add to Chrome.
  • An icon should appear at the top right of Chrome, as this is the area dedicated to extensions. It may be that you already have many and it does not seem. If this happens, click on the button that looks like a puzzle piece, right next to our profile. In the drop-down that comes out is where we must the extension by pressing the blue pushpin which is next to it.
  • Now every time we find a video on Twitter we can handle it in different ways using the keyboard of our computer as follows:
    • Letters: slow down the playback speed.
    • D key: Increase the playback speed.
    • Letter R: Resets the playback speed.
    • Z key: rewind the video 10 seconds.
    • Letter X: advance the video 10 seconds.
    • V key: show / hide controller.

If there is a playback speed that for us is ideal and we want the extension to remember it for the future and that all the videos go directly to it, we must go to the Settings and there we can customize it to our liking.

Video Speed ​​Controller Settings

Speed ​​control

Speed ​​control

Another way of speed up or slow down Twitter videos is Speed ​​Control. The best thing about this extension is the ease with which it is handled, since, once installed, each time we click on its icon a window will appear where we can choose the speed at which the video is displayed. If we lower this button, the image will slow down and if we raise it the speed will increase.

To have this extension we must do the following:

  • Let’s go to the web where we can install this software and press the button Add to Chrome.
  • Once it is added, we will see how the icon appears in the upper right part of Chrome, right next to the circle where our profile is. If it does not appear, we must do the same as we have done in the previous extension so that it is seen.

Download videos


Thanks to this extension we can download any video from Twitter that we want. The procedure is very easy, but the first thing is to install and activate the extension.

  • We will have to go to the extension web to click on Add to Chrome.
  • Once we have it done we must make sure that we can see the extension in the part of Chrome dedicated to it. The extension is active from the moment we add it to Chrome.
  • From now on we will realize that under each video we find a button in green that says Download.


  • Pressing it will not take you to the web page of the service, where it will present the options in which we can download each file.
  • We will only click on the button that best suits us by characteristics and then we will proceed to download the video on our computer. As simple as that.

Savtweetvid download options

Hide videos


In the event that we want to hide the Twitter videos because they annoy us or serve as a distraction and we do not want to see them, we have Twean at our disposal. In this case, not only will the videos be hidden, but the previous images will not appear either.

  • We have to install the extension by entering its Web and then clicking on Add to Chrome.
  • Then we just have to click on the icon that appears in the upper right part of the browser and choose Options from the drop-down menu that shows us.
  • Then it will indicate us what can hide and we must be the ones who choose from the options that shows us that they are:
    • Image and video previews.
    • Promoted tweets, trends and people.
    • Modules of who to follow.
    • Trend modules.
    • Live video modules.
    • Tweet likes.


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