Everything we can do with Facebook videos

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Facebook videos

The videos They have been gaining more and more prominence on the Internet and of course on social networks such as Facebook, where a few years ago there was not much choice in terms of this type of format and now it is an absolutely fundamental part. That is why we are going to deal with a topic that seems very practical and that is none other than the fact that what can we do with the videos of Facebook.

When someone publishes a video on Facebook we can play it or stop it, but the truth is that there are not many more options offered. However, on many occasions we would like forward or backward the video easily or even change the playback speed. To achieve all this we must resort to a Google Chrome extension that will allow you to handle the video with much more ease and freedom.

These extensions will allow us to perform certain tasks that in the official version are unthinkable, at least for the moment, although it does not seem that they will incorporate them in a short period of time. With this third-party software implemented directly in Google Chrome, we will have more possibilities to use them in an extremely easy and comfortable way.

Google Chrome extensions

As we have been telling you, in order to control Facebook videos with many more functions than those presented by the social network natively, we are going to use Google Chrome extensions.

These extensions are programs that are added to the browser to achieve extra functions in the. It is a way to customize Chrome to the maximum and to meet certain needs that otherwise could not be carried out.

Once we have any extension downloaded in Chrome, we must always make sure that it’s activated, since, if not, it will not work and we will be the same as if we had not installed it. It is also true that many are activated as soon as they are installed.

The case at hand is to better control Facebook videos and for that we are going to present several extensions, seeing how each one behaves so that later you can be the ones who decide which one is best suited to what you wanted.

Control video speed

HTML5 video speed control

This is an extension that will allow us to speed up or slow down HTML5 videos from any website and, of course, it is valid for our Facebook. It is very easy to handle, since it will not involve any type of complication.

HTML5 video speed control

What we must do is install it and follow some very simple steps to start working with it.

  • Let’s go to the web where we can install this software and press the button Add to Chrome.
  • Once it is added, we will see how the icon appears in the upper right part of Chrome, right next to the circle where our profile is. If by chance this icon does not appear, surely it is because you already have many and you must incorporate it yourself by clicking on the button that looks like a puzzle piece, right next to our profile. Once there it is time to dial the extension with the blue pushpin, so that you get the main extensions.

Chrome extensions control

From now on, every time we open a video on Facebook, we will see that if we click on the icon of this extension, a window will appear where we can choose speed to which the video is displayed. If we lower the image it will slow down and if we raise the video speed it will increase.

HTML5 video speed control

Video Speed ​​Controller

This is another extension that will allow us to control Facebook videos, but it is somewhat more complete than the one we have seen in the first place.

Video Speed ​​Controller

We are also talking about software capable of modifying the behavior of HTML5 videos, so it is not only compatible with Facebook. What this extension achieves is that the native APIs that have the videos of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network are no longer hidden by which we can handle it and change certain parameters of it.

  • We must install the extension from your Web page and clicking on Add to Chrome.
  • If it happens as in the previous case and you do not see the icon in the part dedicated to extensions, we must do the same and click on the blue pushpin, just like we did in the previous case.
  • Now every time you browse Facebook and find a video, you can handle it in various ways using your computer keyboard. Each of the following letters does a different job:
    • Letters: slow down the playback speed.
    • D key: Increase the playback speed.
    • Letter R: Resets the playback speed.
    • Z key: rewind the video 10 seconds.
    • Letter X: Advance the video 10 seconds.
    • V key: show / hide controller.

If we want other shortcuts or we want the player to remember the playback speed that we like the most for future videos, we must go to the Settings and there we can customize it to our liking.

Video Speed ​​Controller Settings

Video speed buttons

The last of the extensions that we present to control the speed is a bit of a union between the previous two, since it will help us to make Facebook videos go faster or slower, but it will be achieved through the keyboard.

Video Speed ​​Buttons

We can get the speed of the videos to move in a range of 0.25x to 20x, you will see the speed at which it goes in the video itself and one of the things that we liked the most is that when we return to the same video the system will remember the last speed to which it has been reproduced.

  • We only have to install the extension from the Web page, by clicking on Add to Chrome.
  • It will appear where all the extensions are and if not, we already know what to do.
  • Once we enter the Facebook video we will manage it with two keys:
    • S key: to slow down.
    • D key: to increase the speed of the video.

It is an extremely simple way to control the speed of the videos that we are watching on Facebook.

Hide ads from videos

Another function that we can control in the videos or in any other part of Facebook is advertising. Thanks to the extension that we are going to show you, we will be able to make sure that this advertising does not continue to bother us.

Adblock Plus

AdBlock Plus

It is an extension that will allow us to control the advertising that appears on all of Facebook, including the video area. But not only can you use it for this social network, but it will serve us for everything that happens within our Chrome browser.

  • We must install it from the Web page extension by pressing Add to Chrome.
  • Now you know that the icon appears at the top right and if it does not seem like you can do so.
  • And we will not have to do anything else, since from minute one the extension is activated and it will begin to control everything related to advertising.

Yes, we can deactivate it if we click on the icon in the extensions bar, since it has a button to do so on the pop-up screen that comes out.

Download the videos

If we like a video a lot, we will have an extension to download it to our computer, something that will also allow us to see it at any time regardless of whether we have Internet or are on the social network.

Download Facebook Videos

Thanks to this application, the videos that we want will be part of our private library.

  • We install the extension from the Web where we should click on Add Extension.
  • The icon will be in the upper right and if not, we are able to make it appear as we have done previously.
  • Once we have it activated we will play a video From Facebook.
  • We open the extension Chrome from its icon and we wait a few seconds.
  • Now we mark the quality to which we want to download the video.
  • The file will automatically be downloaded and saved on our device.

Download videos

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