Everything improves with laser, even wireless charging: Huawei already has plans to incorporate it into its mobiles

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Modern smartphones have never stood out for having excellent autonomy compared to classic mobile phones. This is because they are much more sophisticated systems and that, no matter how much efficiency improves, the only way to end up increasing the useful life is by reducing functionalities that we are not willing to give up (although if you want, you can with mobiles like Nokia 800 Tough). Huawei has always been one of the most innovative in the sector, both in terms of autonomy and charging technologies.

To solve these problems, we have seen how charging technologies allow our devices to be able to give the most of themselves in a matter of minutes, in the same way that wireless charging systems allow us to charge it more conveniently. Huawei thinks of a fast one that is not only fast, but also even more comfortable than current fast charging technology. And for this they think of using lasers.

Charging your mobile by laser would be closer than it seems: Huawei already has plans to incorporate the technology

Wireless laser charging, the revolutionary way to recharge a mobile

The charging of the mobile by laser is not something that is exactly new, and it is that already in 2018 we saw how researchers from the University of Washington had managed to adapt a Galaxy S5 to be able to charge it from 4 meters away. At that time the technology was experimental in nature, and although this type of research does not always reach the market, at Huawei it seems that they were captivated by this technology.

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Last July we learned how Huawei published a video in which they claimed to have patented their own laser wireless charging system. Again, even if the technology exists and even a company patents its own implementation, it is never a guarantee that it will finally arrive.

But in this case, it will be the case, and it is that Huawei itself has recently confirmed to Android Authority how it works and when it will reach commercial mobile devices. This load works through an intelligent laser emitter (which would act as a charger) that would emit light to a receiver“Similar to a miniature solar panel”.

The speed, charging distance and number of devices that can be charged at the same time is not yet determined, but Huawei estimates that it will reach mobile phones“In two or three generations from the current one”, so it is possible that the Huawei Mate from 2022-2023 will end up being the pioneer mobile in using this technology.

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