European COVID-19 tracking apps will be compatible with each other

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Radar Covid is the application used in Spain for the monitoring of COVID-19, which is being deployed little by little throughout the national territory. In other countries in Europe we find other applications, also based on Google and Apple APIs, which are used to track COVID-19.

For these applications to be effective, a percentage of citizens in the countries need to download and use them. One aspect that raised doubts was if these apps could work in other countries. It appears to be the case, as European COVID-19 tracking apps will be compatible with each other.

Your COVID-19 tracking app will work in other countries

Immuni app tracking COVID-19

The member countries of the European Union have agreed that your applications are compatible. This was something they agreed on in preparation for the summer holidays, although it could not be carried out in time. The European Commission is the one that confirms that the process that allows these COVID-19 tracking apps to be compatible with each other is being finalized.

Some tests are already being done with a server that will link the applications from Denmark, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Ireland and the Czech Republic. The idea is that in the near future, users will be able to use their country’s application in a different country, thus tracking whether they have been in contact with someone infected by coronavirus. All of this will be possible without the need to install a different application.

Privacy is an issue of concern, but it works in a similar way in all COVID-19 tracking applications. Since no data about the user is displayed, simply a number that identifies the phone. These keys or numbers are the only thing that is stored on the server. This compatibility between the applications is something that companies like SAP are developing, a responsible firm in addition to the German tracking app.

European COVID-19 tracking apps will be compatible with each other 1

It should be up and running by October this bridge that allows European COVID-19 tracking applications to be compatible with each other. In this way, it could already be in operation before a possible second wave in winter.

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