Equalize music on Spotify with this simple trick

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It is something that most users do not attend and that developers of these types of platforms do not usually go to great lengths to focus more on the content in streaming. However, there is a possibility to modify the sound emitted by the app and configure it to our liking.

Spotify has an equalizer … but not quite

For many Android smartphones the option to equalization on Spotify is hidden. This is because the Spotify application itself does not include an equalizer, but instead redirects this instruction to equalize to the application that we have installed. For those smartphones that include an equalizer as standard there is no problem, the option appears automatically in the settings.

equalize music spotify equalizer

But for those who do not appear you have to install another application to equalize. In short, what Spotify does is offer compatibility with different external equalizers, instead of designing your own. Therefore, if we go to the settings and go down a bit through the menu, we will find the section to equalize the music, although we must install a third-party app to redirect us.

Also, on Android, the availability of the Equalizer option varies by device manufacturer. The settings that we select will also be applied as sound settings for other applications, something that we must take into account since it does not only apply to Spotify.

SpotiQ Equalizer
SpotiQ Equalizer

How to equalize music on Spotify

The app that we have chosen to be able to equalize the sounds of Spotify is called SpotiQ, a very simple option but that offers everything we need. Obviously we can choose between other options such as equalizer, since Spotify is compatible with any third-party application, in the event that the terminal does not have a native equalizer.

equalize music spotify spotiq

The application features an incredible Bass Boost system which can add and adjust deep and natural enhancers to our Spotify playlist songs. We can create new playlists by choosing any preset and applying it to songs.

To modify the sound to our liking and with SpotiQ installed, we have to access the “Settings” section represented by the icon of a gear on the screen “Start”. Once in the menu, we scroll down until we find “Equalizer”.

equalize music spotify spotiq menu

Spotify will warn us that these modifications of the equalizer alter the volume levels and that it may cause a performance problem. When it redirects us to SpotiQ, it will show us a panel to configure different frequencies. Or if we prefer, we can set default profiles that are related to different musical genres.