enjoy the promotion of electric toothbrushes

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Today from 3 p.m. (in Beijing), take advantage of a big promotion on Oclean One, Oclean X and Oclean F1 products. Oclean is a company based in the design of electric toothbrushes at a lower cost. For the launch of some of its products, it offers you up to 50% reduction. Find out more about the different Oclean products below.

Oclean one: a smart electric toothbrush

This smart electric toothbrush has cool features like a speakerphone and an app with artificial intelligence. With fast charging, the battery life can be up to 60 days. It offers smart brushing, anytime you can customize it to your liking.

The actual price for this tool is $ 79.99. For the promotion, you get a reduced price of $ 39.99 on the manufacturer’s website (50% off).

Oclean X: a smart toothbrush

Oclean X is a connected and customizable toothbrush. This sonic toothbrush has Bluetooth and a tactical screen. It is available in 2 colors (white and beige). For a long autonomy, it has an 800 mAh capacity battery. Thus, it can be used for 40 days depending on your frequency of use. In addition, it automatically detects blind areas when in use.

You can get the Oclean X toothbrush today for $ 44.99 on the manufacturer’s official website. Also, It should be noted that the price excluding promotion is $ 54.99. That is a reduction of $ 10 which is not at all negligible.

Oclean F1: a sonic electric toothbrush

This sonic toothbrush is easy to use with blind spot detection. In addition, it has IPX7 to ensure its waterproofness. She also has deep cleaning experience. In addition, it is only available in navy blue and sky blue. For effective brushing, it guides you during its use. For the promotion, the price is $ 26.99 on the official website. Excluding promotion, the price is $ 36.99. You have a reduction of $ 10.

You also get:

  1. Get 1 * Clean dental floss for free on any order over $ 10.
  2. Receive 2 * Brush Heads (P2) free for the first 200 electric toothbrush orders.
  3. Receive 1 * Oclean Travel Bag free of charge for any order over $ 99.
  4. Get 1 * Free UVC Clean (S1) Sterilizer for any order over $ 169.
  5. 1 * Free Clean (Z1) electric toothbrush for orders over € 249
  6. 20% reduction on accessories from € 39

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