EMUI 11 is official: all the news of the Huawei interface

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Table of Contents

EMUI 11 featured

As confirmed a few days ago, Huawei has officially unveiled EMUI 11 today. This is the new version of the brand’s customization layer, which will be launched soon on its phones in Spain. These months there have been quite a few rumors about this new version of the interface, but finally today all the details have been shared.

An important aspect to take into account is that EMUI 11 has not been based on Android 11 AOSP, as it was expected to be. The layer has finally been based on Android 10. This could mean that Huawei is already preparing to give prominence to HarmonyOS, something that is expected in 2021.

This new version of the interface of the Chinese brand leaves us with a series of novelties, which have been made official in its presentation. We tell you what new functions Huawei has introduced in it.

Customize Always On Display

EMUI 11 Always on Display

Always-on display mode will be more customizable in EMUI 11. The brand introduces new designs for it, with various watch models. Some of the new designs also have different color settings, even allowing you to upload a photo and thus obtain the colors of it. It is also allowed to create your own design, uploading your own photos or GIFs for this screen.

Minimize floating windows

EMUI 11 floating window

Huawei allows you to use floating windows on your phones, in order to have two applications open at the same time, facilitating multitasking on the phone. The brand now improves this system, because they introduce an option to minimize the floating window, so that when you use this button, the app is open with a tab on the side of the screen.

In addition, another novelty is introduced in EMUI 11 related to floating windows, because folding devices may have two floating windows open at the same time. This could mean that Huawei plans to launch more folding, after the Mate X.

Permission improvements

As we have seen this week in Android 11, Huawei also arrives with changes in the management of permits of applications. Now, when granting permissions, there will no longer be an option of always allowed, but you can give permission to the app while it is being used. In addition, at all times you will know if an application is using certain permissions, because a small icon will appear at the top of the screen, in the status bar.

Those icons will show the permissions that said application is using in EMUI 11, so that you know at all times if they are using those permissions that they should use them, avoiding scares in this way. In addition, the applications in the background will not have access to permissions, preventing them from spying on you in the background.

Tones and vibration are better integrated into EMUI 11

tones and vibration

When you receive a notification, the sound has a specific rhythm, as well as the vibration is limited to a preset rhythm, no matter what tone is used. Huawei has now synchronized the rhythm of vibrations and sound notifications, so it will be as if the sound is heard on the phone. It is something that will be limited to system sounds.

MeeTime reaches more countries

EMUI 11 is official: all the news of the Huawei interface 1

Huawei’s version of Google Duo or FaceTime expands. This application is designed to make high-quality calls and integration with third-party applications, it came to the brand months ago. With the arrival of EMUI 11, it expands into new countries, including Spain. In addition to Spain, it will be launched in Germany, France, Italy, Indonesia, Poland, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

EMUI 11 Gallery Improvements

From now on, the gallery app will organize your photos in collections, in a system similar to the one we have in Google Photos. In addition, it will also make suggestions. The application will carry out a scan on the device, so no information is sent to servers.

In the gallery it will also be possible hide albums from third-party apps. So if they have access to the photos, you can prevent them from seeing certain photos, if for example they are very personal. It will also be allowed to hide these albums in the gallery, as always.

Other improvements in EMUI 11

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EMUI 11 leaves us with new more general improvements, in addition to those already mentioned. These are the other improvements that the new Huawei interface is going to introduce:

  • New animations: Huawei’s own applications renew their animations, so that they will show more information at the same time. They will focus on those points where you attend on screen.
  • Control apps from your PC: From Huawei laptops you will be able to open and control three applications on the phone, using all three at the same time.
  • Celia reaches more countries: Celia is the assistant presented months ago by Huawei, which with the arrival of EMUI 11 is launched in more countries. After being launched in Spain, it now reaches others such as Germany or Italy.
  • More privacy: MDPP and ePrivacyseal certificates are introduced, which guarantee greater privacy for users, and are added to other certificates that the brand already has.
  • Share photos by clearing metadata: Now, it will be possible to send photos without giving information about the mobile with which you have taken them, as well as their location. Since the EXIF ​​metadata can be removed.
  • Hide notes: Huawei has created a notes application, which will allow you to hide notes in it. To access those notes that you want to protect, it will be necessary to use biometric identification to access.

The EMUI 11 entry is official: all the novelties of the Huawei interface appear first in The Free Android.