EMUI 11: all the news coming to Huawei phones and which ones update

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The new version of Huawei’s custom cape is now official: the brand has presented EMUI 11, a software that aims to improve privacy while favoring device customization by the user. The interaction between devices has also been enhanced.

Huawei focuses on 2021 with the thorough renovation of its software. HarmonyOS It is shaping up to finally land on smartphones. And EMUI, the custom layer that the brand places above Android, win a new version to renew the user experience, also to improve it. There are many changes that EMUI 11 introduces in compatible mobiles and tablets: from greater customization of the system to a new permission manager to improve privacy.

EMUI 11 allows more customization

Emui 11

Huawei’s cape has been offering advanced features for years with customization as a top priority. There are the issues, for example, also all the ways that the software has to adapt to use. AND EMUI 11 includes new customization modes that allow you to set the lock screen with ‘Always On’.

The always-on display gets a new element editor that allows numerous styles to be applied to ‘Always On’. Also, color combinations can be chosen for some of the styles, in this way the user can choose the aspect of the clock with the screen off.

Emui 11

Ringtones and device vibration now work together so that both elements are activated in sync. This implies that the vibration will work while the buzzer is ringing; pausing both at the same time. This synchronization only works with the melodies pre-installed in the device.

Emui 11

Huawei has renewed the EMUI 11 animations to make them more fluid and smooth, also the changes of size in the windows improve their animation and response. Also, now we can minimize floating windows (in the form of ‘Quick Ball’ on the side of the screen) to work with several applications at the same time.

Privacy gets a notable boost

Emui 11

It is one of the growing concerns that is having the most relevance in all software. And it has notable importance in EMUI 11 since the user receives new privacy controls that allow more precise management of certain permissions. Not only that, the system will inform you if an application uses a delicate permission: an icon will appear in the status bar warning of an access to the location, the microphone or the camera.

Permission management now allows give access only once so that the application cannot continue accessing, neither in the background nor even if it is opened manually. And one last addition: Huawei ensures that applications can’t use sensitive permissions in the background even if the user has allowed it.

Another important point is the access log by the applications: EMUI 11 shows in chronological order all the apps that have used the permissions. This option is available in the system settings, under ‘Permissions’.

The gallery also gives a boost in privacy protection: allows content sharing by clearing EXIF ​​data And now it analyzes photos to automatically organize them by collections and suggestions. This analysis is carried out on the phone and without any communication with Huawei servers. And now albums can be hidden so that no one else can see the content. Notes also allow this functionality: EMUI 11 allows you to hide any of them.

One last highlight is that EMUI 11 can hide notifications from the device when it is sharing the screen. In this way no one will find out about the private messages that arrive during streaming, for example.

Huawei applications improvements

Emui 11 6

As is often the case with any custom layer, Huawei updates its applications installed in EMUI 11 to adapt them to the new requirements of the layer. In addition, some services that were only found in some countries, such as MeeTime (the video calling app, a la FaceTime) are expanding to more territories. The app arrives in Spain with EMUI 11.

Celia voice assistant also expands to more countries (in Spain it was already available). The gallery and notes app include more privacy features, as we said before. And Huawei allows the connection of the device with the computer to replicate the screen and access mobile control at the click of a mouse. Sharing items between one device and another is now as easy as dragging them between screens.

EMUI 11 improves the stability of the system and also the consumption. Huawei’s Artificial Intelligence has a greater presence to ensure that the device offers a response adapted to the time and need of the user.

Huawei phones that will access EMUI 11

Emui 11

EMUI 11 is now official: the new version of Huawei’s custom layer is in testing and with its foot in the direction of the first mobiles. Of course, we must comment that the new custom layer does not arrive with Android 11: EMUI 11 is still Android 10.

EMUI 11 is not based on Android 11: the custom layer still arrives with Android 10

Huawei has not confirmed the phones and tablets that will update to EMUI 11 (it is logical that all recent devices update). Yes confirmed the first beta, which starts today September 10. The mobiles that enter this first beta are:

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EMUI 11: all the news coming to Huawei phones and which ones update

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EMUI 11: all the news coming to Huawei phones and which ones update 1

EMUI 11: all the news coming to Huawei phones and which ones update 2