Eat healthy with the ingredients you have at home: this is Nooddle

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What to cook every day It is something that worries millions of people in Spain. There are times when you have not been able to make purchases, so you have to improvise something with the ingredients you have at home at that time, something that is not always easy. Especially if you want to cook something that is healthy. In these situations, Nooddle is a good help.

Nooddle is an application for Android that we have talked about on occasion. It is a perfect app to cook in a healthy way, using the ingredients we have at home at that moment. Thus, we can always create something, even when we have not had time to go to the store.

Cook healthy with ingredients that you have at home

Nooddle quiz

When you download Nooddle on your Android phone, you come across a small survey, so that the app will adjust the recipe suggestions for your situation. Since if you follow a specific diet, allergies or your level in the kitchen, so that the recipes you find are those that best suit you. After filling in this, we can start using the application.

The strong point of this application is that it has the ability to suggest recipes based on the ingredients you have at home at that time. In the search engine that is in the app we can enter the ingredients that we have at home. When you have done this, a series of that make use of these ingredients are shown and that we can follow. Once you have entered three or four ingredients, you will be able to search for recipes in the app.

Nooddle choose ingredients

In each recipe the preparation time, the amount of ingredients, as well as the difficulty of it are indicated. Nooddle also gives us information about the nutritional value of said recipe (only in its paid version) and the steps to follow. Also, if we like a recipe, we can save it or mark it as a favorite, to return to it whenever we want. In the lower menu of the app, we can go to the Recipes section, where the ones we have saved are.

Nooddle recipes and steps

Not only can we search for recipes based on the ingredients we have at that time at home, since in Nooddle we have the explore tab. In this section we find a huge amount of recipes available, divided into categories. So if we want to do something specific, or we are looking to learn new dishes or simply experiment, this section will give us access to many new recipes. If we like one, we can save it or mark it as a favorite.

Nooddle explore

Nooddle can also help us with the shopping list, since if there is a recipe that we like and want to prepare, we can add all its ingredients to the shopping cart. Thus, when we are in the store, we have the list of what we need to buy.

How to download Nooddle on Android

Nooddle is available on the Google Play Store for free. There is a paid version of the app, which gives us access to all the functions (more recipes per week, premium categories, nutritional information of the recipes …). This version is priced at € 39.99 per year (promotional price, normally € 59.99). If you want, you can try this version for free for 7 days, to see if you are interested.

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