Earn money playing from your mobile with the Cashyy application

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Cashyy featured

Android users in Spain can download various apps to earn money, like Google Opinion Rewards. The Google app allows you to obtain credit to spend on Google Play, but there are users who want to be able to choose what to do with that money. Cashyy is an application that will allow you to earn money by playing on your mobile.

Cashyy is a free application with which you can earn money through a series of missions in the form of games. We can use this money that we earn on Google Play, but we can also obtain it through PayPal or use it as credit in other stores. Each one can choose.

Earn money playing with your mobile

Cashyy introduction

Inside Cashyy we meet a series of missions that we must complete, to earn virtual coins in this way. The missions are of various types, from playing a certain game for a few days to completing certain levels in one. All missions are related to games on Android, so you are going to earn that money playing on your phone.

By completing a mission we earn virtual coins, which we can later redeem for money on PayPal, but also credit on Google Play, Amazon, Steam or Sephora, for example. Each one will be able to decide what to do with that money that you earn by completing the missions in the application.

Cashyy record

The application does not ask us for too many permissions, in fact, use only the usage monitoring, to know how much time we spend in a certain app or game. This is what will allow them to measure whether or not we have completed the missions that we are entrusted with over time.

Cashyy missions

As with any other application of this type, we will have to complete a large number of missions to earn some money. The usual thing is that the missions in Cashyy give us about 1,000 or 2,000 coins, although the amount depends on each mission. Checks are obtained in some cases when we have more than 40,000 coins, so we will have to play a lot to really get some money. Also by inviting friends we will earn coins (250), as in other apps in this category.

How to download Cashyy on Android

Cashyy is an application that we can download for free from the Play Store. Inside there are some ads, although they are not annoying when using the application on our phone. If you want to start using it, you can download it from this link:

Earn money playing from your mobile with the Cashyy application 1

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