Duplicate the mobile screen on TV and PC from Android

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Table of Contents

Duplicating your phone’s screen on a larger device can be helpful in some cases. For example, it is an ideal way to see your photos or videos enjoying better quality and resolution. On the other hand, some video games are adapted to be used on television or the computer using the telephone as a command. In any case, establishing a connection between Android and a screen is not complicated. In this guide we help you with all possible methods.

How to mirror your mobile screen on television

The most common is to connect the phone to the television. How to do it?


To save yourself having cables in between, the best way is to have a device that acts as a receiver and that is compatible with known transmission protocols. If you don’t want to shell out a large amount of money, you can opt for solutions like Google’s Chromecast or Amazon’s Fire TV. In general, you can start streaming from the quick settings area. Swiping from the top of the screen, select Cast or Screen Cast, the nomenclature may vary.

Access to the Cast option of the quick access panel

In the pop-up dialog, the supported devices will appear.

Devices detected by AndroidDevices detected by Android

Selecting any of them will start wireless projection. Keep in mind that both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Also, do not forget that this function has a severe impact on the autonomy of the device.

On the other hand, if you have a smart TV, it may have features such as Miracast or include a built-in Chromecast. Having any of these technologies at your disposal, Android will be able to project the content of the screen quickly. You just have to repeat the previous steps: if you don’t see TV among the first suggested devices, click on Settings in the floating selection window. That will show you the complete list of detected devices.

Full list of detected devicesFull list of detected devices

You just have to click on the input of your TV (watch out for possible confirmation messages on the TV screen) to start projecting the mobile in large format.

Chromecast users also have the option to use the Google Home App. The first thing to do is confirm that you have the app installed on your device.

Once installed and synced with your Google account, it will automatically detect compatible devices around you. For what we are interested in, you simply have to click on Chromecast.

Select your Chromecast on Google HomeSelect your Chromecast on Google Home

Then look at the bottom for the option Cast my screen.

Cast my screen option via Google HomeCast my screen option via Google Home

By doing so, you will only have to confirm the operation in the pop-up window to start the transmission. Through the same Google Home app you can control the volume or stop the transmission at any time.

Using a cable

Connecting an Android phone to an external display via cable is even easier than doing it wirelessly. The only thing you need is the right cable. East, It must have a connector compatible with your device, be it microUSB or USB-C and, at the other end, an HDMI connector. Of course, the external display must have a free HDMI input.

In the case of having a microUSB output, you should bear in mind that, in general, two protocols are used: SlimPort and MHL. In both cases, the two devices involved in the connection, that is, your phone and the television, must be compatible and support these protocols. In any case, when you connect both devices, the screen of your phone will be reflected on the monitor, that is, it will show exactly the same content. Only in some specific models of certain brands, such as Samsung, does the terminal use an adapted interface.

Finally, it is also possible that your device has a microHDMI output. In this case, use a cable that is compatible with this connection and the HDMI connection on your TV. This is a more direct connection, but rare in today’s devices.

How to duplicate the mobile screen on the computer

So far, we have talked to you about projection on a television or an external monitor. But is it possible to do the same on a computer? Of course yes.


Airdroid allows, among other things, to project the phone screen on the PC. For the system to work, you must install its application on both Windows, or macOS, and Android. At Malavida we offer you a quick download of both applications.

Once you have configured Airdroid on both platforms, go to your computer and go to the screen mirroring section. Click on the binoculars icon.

Screen mirroring optionsScreen mirroring options

Next, select the option Screen Mirroring.

Start screen castingStart screen casting

A notice will appear on your phone screen. Tap on Start now to continue.

Start screen recordingStart screen recording

Then, the content of your device will already be available on the computer.

Android screen content in WindowsAndroid screen content in Windows

It is true that you cannot control the phone from here. However, this function is perfect for capturing all your movements on video or to show, in a larger format, what is happening on your device.


Vysor is an excellent alternative to view the screen of your device on the computer. It is necessary have a connection cable, but in return it offers some clear advantages. The first thing you should do is download Vysor on your Android device. Similarly, you must download the desktop application in Windows 10.

After having both applications installed, go to your phone’s settings and open the section About phone.

About phone sectionAbout phone section

Tap the build number repeatedly until developer options are activated.

Enable developer options on AndroidEnable developer options on Android

Now, head over to System.

Android system settingsAndroid system settings

Tap on Developer options.

Access developer optionsAccess developer options

Make sure the option Android debugging it’s activated.

Enable USB debugging on AndroidEnable USB debugging on Android

Open Vysor on your computer and on your phone and connect both devices. When both devices connect, click the button Play to display your phone screen on the computer.

Start connection in VysorStart connection in Vysor

In the pop-up window you will see your phone screen.

Phone screen on computerPhone screen on computer

And what are the benefits of using the wired connection with Vysor? The main advantage is that you can control your device with your computer’s mouse and keyboard. In addition, it is possible to record the screen and extract screenshots.