DTT in Android Auto: how to install IPcarTV to watch TV in the car

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DTT in Android Auto: how to install IPcarTV to watch TV in the car

There is a whole series of unofficial applications for Android Auto that add functions that Google does not agree with very much: like watch YouTube, mobile videos or mirror screen. Another application in the same line is IPcarTV, with which you can watch TV on Android Auto.

IPcarTV is similar to applications like TDTChannels, with the peculiarity that you can use it on the car’s integrated screen, with Android Auto in between. It is quite easy to use beyond a small configuration. We tell you how to install IPcarTV on Android Auto and start using it.

1. Use AAStore to download IPcarTV

Google doesn’t allow apps like IPcartTV on Google Play, so the only way to get them is using unofficial stores, What AAAD or AAStore. To install IPcartTV, you will first need to install AAStore on your mobile.

AAStore is an application that helps you install some Android Auto compatible applications that are not available on Google Play. To date, it has 16 applications in its repository. You may install AAStore on your mobile downloading and installing aastore-1.0.2.apk since this Telegram channel.

With the application installed, the process is quite easy. Open it, ignore the initial warning and tap on IPcarTV. Then press the button Install and wait for your installer download to finish. If this is the first time you install an application from AAStore, first of all you will need give you permission to install other apps. With the permissions in order, press Install to install IPcarTV on your mobile.


Remember that Android Auto applications are installed on the mobile and then you can use them in Android Auto after connecting the mobile with the car, either through a cable or wirelessly, without cables.

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2. Configure IPcarTV

After installing IPcarTV, you can just use it by connecting your mobile to the car, but the list of DTT channels that appear available to you is quite possible that they are not of interest to you. Luckily, from its settings you can add any m3u8 IPTV channel list of your preference.

To do so, open IPcarTV on your mobile and tap on Playlist and favorite channel manager. Then press the floating button and paste the web address of the list. The application itself recommends you use this list from IPTV.org, although you can also use for example those of TDTChannels.


From the same application on the mobile you can also unlock the Pro version with a donation of more than 2 euros. Without paying, IPcarTV has some important limitations such as background audio, only one playlist can be added, favorite channels cannot be added or only the first three channels of a list are loaded.

They are important limitations, although at least they allow you test before if the application works well enough before checking out. Remember, of course, that there is no guarantee and the application could stop working without prior notice at any time after a change in Android Auto.

3. DTT in Android Auto


At this point, it is time to connect the mobile to Android Auto in the usual way. If everything went well, IPcarTV should appear in the list of available applications in the Android Auto launcher.

If you have not unlocked the Pro version with a donation, then IPcarTV will show you only the first three channels on the list. Tap on one of them to open full screen playback on the Android Auto screen.

The TV

The app works quite wellAlthough it will obviously depend on the stability of the Internet connection, the quality of the IPTV broadcast and other factors. As we mentioned, the free version is quite limited, although at least it lets you get an idea of ​​what you will find to decide if you want to make the donation to unlock the rest of the functions or not.

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DTT in Android Auto: how to install IPcarTV to watch TV in the car

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