Dropbox is updated to facilitate remote teamwork

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Dropbox is one of the best known tools for Android users in Spain, which is regularly updated with all kinds of new functions. A new update is now released, with an eye on telecommuting or telecommuting. The new version of the app introduces functions to make remote teamwork easier.

Are introduced a host of new Dropbox Spaces features, your collaborative work tool. These new functions are aimed at allowing teams to work in an organized way, collaborate and manage projects from anywhere. Thus, you can work as a team in the best way without having to be in the same space.

These are the news in Dropbox Spaces 2.0

Dropbox Spaces

A new version of Dropbox Spaces is introduced, the virtual workspace that is responsible for centralizing teams and projects. In this version 2.0 of this space, they have focused on helping teams to optimize their work, prioritizing their daily tasks and allowing them to be connected at all times to promote these projects. The new functions that are introduced in this version are:

  • Project spaces:It is possible to create a space for each different project, in which the internal team, external clients, content, timeline and all project tasks are centralized in a single space
  • Chores: It becomes possible to set priorities and help keep projects up to date. Additionally, tasks can be created, managed, assigned, and discussed in multiple projects.
  • Content:It will be possible to search for the most important information of the project, add new information and also manage it. It will also be easier to include files more easily, as well as to search for files between projects.

Dropbox Spaces meetings

  • Meetings:Participating in meetings and monitoring them is facilitated. You can also manage information such as calendars, meeting topics or your attendees. In addition, meeting documents can also be automatically synchronized with calendar invitations so that everyone will have the latest versions of the files.
  • Updates:There will be a global vision of the entire project and its evolution. Users will also be able to add posts to the feed, reply to comments, and use links or files.

This new version of Dropbox Spaces is currently in private beta. If you want to have access to it, you can request it at this link.

Improved security at home

Dropbox alerts and notifications

Dropbox has also left us with a series of new security features to help businesses, designed to guarantee the privacy and security of your employees. These new features are as follows:

  • Alerts and notifications:They allow the administrator to detect suspicious behavior, risky activities and potential data breaches in real time.
  • Data classification:Allows administrator to label personal and confidential data to protect personal information.

Dropbox statistics share usage

  • Reports on external sharing:Information on how data is shared outside the company is provided to the administrator. It shows who shares them, when and the type of files shared.

The Dropbox entry is updated to facilitate remote teamwork appears first in The Free Android.