Dribo, the app to get your card virtually

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Can you pass the car license exam with an app?

The answer is yes. Dribo is a legally registered driving school at the DGT and its innovative format allows you to save and simplify to the maximum the processes and procedures necessary to obtain the card. The syllabus and exams are constantly updated, and their use is easier and more attractive to customers. In fact, the coronavirus pandemic has changed, in a way, our habits and in this sense Dribo has benefited, since many people prefer to do the whole process virtually. In addition, many driving schools have incorporated it into their working method, so conventional driving schools also benefit from this format.

Tests and resources to pass the DGT tests

Dribo application agenda

The first thing we find when entering the application is the theoretical part. First of all, you will have to upload your ID, adding a photo of both sides. You will also need a medical certificate, that is, the psychotechnical necessary to be able to take the exams. Once your personal information has been completed, you will be able to access the theoretical content. This part is made up of the entire official agenda published by the DGT, which includes more than 3,000 actual exam questions regularly updated. This content is selected by teachers and road safety experts with many years of teaching, which guarantees a content of maximum guarantee for students.

Dribo has a feedback very useful for students. When you answer a question, the answer appears with additional information and, if you miss, it shows you the correct answer and the explanation. In addition, the application offers personalized recommendations as you complete the lessons. At the end of each section, you will see some questions with which you have had the most difficulties to reinforce your training and have a better chance of passing the first time. In fact, the Dribo Method has a 98% pass in the first file (overcome it to the first or the second).

Dribo app exam

The agenda is divided into three blocks: vehicle, road and circulation. Within each block there are several sections, and within these several lessons. You can do them in the order you prefer, although it is advisable to follow the scheme that the application proposes. Depending on the results you get in each lesson, you get one, two or three stars that are accumulated in your profile. With them, you will be able to unlock the official DGT exams and find out if you are really prepared.

In addition, you can also unlock wild cards that you can use when you are in blocking moments. You can get them when you study the first lesson of each day and unlocking the official exam for each chapter of the syllabus. Once you are ready to perform the test, you just have to make an appointment through the application (They will notify you of the days available) and then go in person to your nearest exam center.

Car theory exam price

The Theoretical exam fee is 49 euros, to which must be added the DGT fees, which are 93.10. This fee allows you to sit for both exams and gives you two chances to pass. If you pass the theory the first time, you will have an extra opportunity for the practical exam. The total figure rises to 142.10 euros, a very competitive amount if we compare it with conventional driving schools, where the vast majority do not fall below 200 euros. In addition, you can add discount codes to lower the amount.

Practical classes to learn to drive

practice test dribo

On the other hand, we find the practical test, the second part for approve the card. Until you pass the theory, Dribo will not let you start the practical classes. The application offers great flexibility so that you can organize and choose according to your availability. When you register, the application asks you for your zip code to keep you positioned and offers you the closest places to teach the classes, each lasting 45 minutes. On its map, you will see the teachers available for the time you choose.

To book a class, the first thing you have to do is set the time. You can choose the one you prefer as long as there is availability. His class schedule starts at 8:00 and ends at 21:15, so they offer a fairly wide range. Of course, there are several prices for each hour, depending on demand. Once you have selected the time, you must pay the rate at the time and you will be able to select the teacher who is closest to you, with whom you will have to meet in a specific place that he will tell you himself. You can select the classes you want, although it is best to hire the different bonuses they offer.

dribo practical classes

How much do practical classes cost

The practical exam fee, unlike the theoretical one, has quite a few options to choose from. To begin, we must talk about the price of a practical class. You can find them from 15 to 29 euros, depending on the time you choose. As we have already said, when you select an hour, several available prices appear, which also depend on the teacher’s availability. You can pay one at a time, several at a time or select one of the bonuses they offer:

  • 3 internships: 79 euros (26.3 each)
  • 8 practices: 199 euros (24.8 each)
  • 10 practices: 239 euros (23.9 each)
  • 18 practices: 399 euros (22.2 each)

How much does it cost in total to get the card with Dribo

Finally, we are going to calculate how much money it would cost to take the full exam. Passing both exams with the first file, the total of the theoretical (142.10) and the practical (with the bonus of 18 classes of 399 euros, which is the minimum number of classes established by most driving schools to go to the exam) amounts to 541 euros, a very competitive price compared to conventional driving schools.