Drawing game with friends based on Gartic Phone

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Table of Contents

Actually, it is the adaptation of two classic games that have always been played in person, but have been brought to a digital environment in a way that works. We are going to analyze a game with mechanics similar to those used by such viral people as Ibai or Auronplay.

Gartic.io - Draw, Guess, WIN

What is Gartic.io about

Gartic is a family of games developed by the Brazilian company Onrizon Social Games. His idea is to bring the virtual world a series of games based on drawing which are usually played in person. We could say that most of them are classic games that have been adapted.

This game uses the mechanics of drawing something that others must guess. The difference is that Gartic.io is much more basic and simple, becoming a more similar version of Pictionary. The title has a fast gameplay, in which several people enter a virtual room, and one of them has to draw something. Then the rest of the people simply have to guess what is being drawn.

gartic.io draw

Simply that, since we only have to insert a nickname and a region, which will be necessary to enter a game. We can even choose an aspect for our avatar so that it is easier to identify all the players, since in the rooms you can have up to 20 people.

How this drawing and guessing game works

This game is quite simple to play. First you have to enter the Gartic.io app, where we also have the option of joining a game randomly to play directly or create our own room. You have to choose a name and language, in addition to the avatar we mentioned earlier. You can also log in with social networks if you prefer.

Once you enter to play, the mechanics are simple. One person has to draw, and the rest must guess. The same chat or we can use both for the answers and for normal conversations, so that some do not interfere with others. Just draw, or write what you think is being drawn. Below the drawing you will see the available time bar.

And basically that is. You will be able to see the unsuccessful answers of the others, but when you are right or almost right, these answers will be hidden from the others, and it will only be said that a certain user was right or was about to do it. When the time is up, the result will be revealed and the next person to draw will be given the turn.

A community that must improve

It is clear that the base of the game is in the community, depending on what people participate in the rooms. We have to say that this is not its strong point. The matchmaking is fast, the connection is stable, the games are dynamic, but the members seem not to take the game very seriously. Many of them use the report for the simple fact of being free and unlimited, they do not make any effort to draw a sketch of the word, but write it directly.

gartic.io games

And this is not something specific, since we find it in each and every one of the turns in the game. And that the interface facilitates two tracks to the cartoonist to make it easier for others, but it seems not to be enough. This causes that the composition of the game is not stable, seeing players that are disconnected or that remain inactive and that they are no longer interested in playing.

It could be solved in a very simple way, without going into a more worked algorithm or a more efficient reporting system for such attitudes. It would only be necessary to be able to create private rooms where we can play games only with friends or with people we know. In part it can be done, since from the mode »Create Room»A link is generated to invite friends, but the game is not totally private, and anyone can enter at random.