Download subtitles using the Windows context menu

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But there is no doubt that one of the content that has been growing the most in recent years in terms of use is the videos. We use these files specifically to view all kinds of content, both personal and professional, from movies or series, etc. The truth is that at the moment most of us keep a multitude of files of this type stored.

To be able to enjoy all this we do not need more than a PC that is not too old, and its corresponding playback software, for example, VLC. We mention this because it is one of the most popular in the world, but there are many other similar alternatives. As surely many of you already know, viewing movies and series from our computer today is the most common. In addition, on many occasions we make use of subtitles, either to learn Languages, or because we have no other option.

Improve subtitle download on Windows

It is precisely in all this that we want to focus on these same lines, that is, in an optimal and simple use of the aforementioned subtitles for our videos in Windows. In fact, below we are going to show you the easiest way to download these subtitles using only the contextual menu right-click in Windows.

Movie subtitles are very important as they make movies and videos accessible to a wider audience that understands different languages. It is worth mentioning that there are multiple sites on the Internet for downloading subtitles. However, on many occasions this can be a somewhat cumbersome and annoying task. This is because we have to manually search for the website in question, then search for the subtitles and download them.

However, in these lines we are going to speed up the process to a great extent and make it easier and more comfortable. This is because we will show you how to download the subtitles directly from the contextual menu of the video files in Windows. This is the one that appears when we right-click on it. In this way we will show you how download subtitles from the aforementioned context menu using free software.

Use SubiT for direct subtitle download

To achieve this that we are discussing with the subtitles, all we have to do is click on an option from the contextual button menu. From there, the software that we are going to show you will automatically search and download the subtitles for you. All this is as easy as it seems, but let’s see in detail how we can achieve it in a simple way.

Download the software on the Windows PC

The first thing we should know is that if you want to use this software that we are talking about, we can download it from this link. Therefore we are going to use this free subtitle download software called SubiT. The first thing to know is that its use is extremely simple and valid for all users.

download SubiT

After clicking on the Download SubiT button, we install the application on our computer like any other. It should be noted that this is an application compatible with Windows 10, Windows 11 and Linux. In this way, when installing the tool, a new option will automatically be added to the contextual menu of the system when clicking on the video files with compatible formats

subit installation

How to get SubiT up and running

For this we only have to go to the folder where we have saved the file in question with the video. We click on it and right-click to bring up the context menu. It must be said that in the installation process the program will ask us if we want to associate the files video compatible with this program, which we must accept.

file compatibility

Once the program has been installed on the Pc, it will ask us which language we prefer the most to download those subtitles. Anyway, we must bear in mind that this is a parameter that we can modify later if we need it. Therefore we only have to mark the desired option in the window that appears on the screen. At the same time it is worth knowing that here we can dial several languages ​​simultaneously.

Select language

Once this is done, the program SubiT It will be running in the background in the operating system for when we need it. It is worth mentioning that this will not affect the computer in the least since it hardly consumes system resources.

Download subtitles with SubiT

One of the strengths of this application is that it works in an automated way and is very easy to use. For this we only have to locate the video file from which we want to obtain the subtitles with SubiT. Next, as we mentioned before, we click with the right button on it and in the contextual menu we can now click on the SubiT option.

contextual subit

At that moment a new window corresponding to the program as such will appear on the screen, and we will have to wait a few seconds to see what subtitles are found. After those seconds in the Movies window we can double click on the title we want to deal with. At that time, the versions of the subtitles will appear in the right pane. SRT format located by the program. Therefore, we just have to select the one that interests us the most for SubiT to download it.

subtitle versions

It must be said that once we have selected in the version or versions that interest us, these will be saved in the same original folder where the video file is located. Finally, it is worth mentioning that this program we are talking about is compatible with most of the most common formats of today. Here we can include files such as MP4, MKV, AVI or WMV, among others.