Download Pixel 5 animated wallpapers now on any Android

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Pixel 5 Live Wallpaper

Several weeks ago the Google Pixel 5 was officially presented, but it still does not have a launch date in Spain. Like every new phone that is announced, it comes with a series of new wallpapers, which in the case of this phone we can already download on any Android mobile. Further, Google’s new phone also comes with animated wallpapers.

In the Pixel 5 we find a series of new animated wallpapers (live wallpaper), which we can download now on any Android phone with Android 7.0 or higher. The brand leaves us with two animated wallpapers, with four variations on each of them.

This is the animated wallpapers of the Pixel 5

Pixel 5 live wallpapers

XDA developer Pranav Pandey is the one who has achieved adapt live wallpapers of this Pixel 5 so that they will work practically on any Android mobile. There are two versions of them, since they can be downloaded for phones with Android Nougat and also for Android Oreo and higher. You can download both versions from this link in the form of APK.

When you have downloaded the APK, you will have to use the app on your phone that is responsible for managing the funds animated screen, since in it you will be able to find these wallpapers that you have downloaded. We find two different backgrounds: Stones and Moving Shadows, with four variations of each available. We will only have to select the one we want to use on the phone.

Pixel 5 live wallpapers

As it is an animated wallpaper, it will change little by little throughout the day. Depending on the time of day you look at your phone, you will see that this background is a little different, thanks to its animation. A good way to make your phone look a little more like the Google Pixel 5 with these animated wallpapers, in addition to the regular wallpapers we talked about a week ago.

If you want to try these animated wallpapers on your phone, you can download them from this link in the form of APK.

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