Download Clubhouse on Android is not possible, even if these images are real

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Club House

Clubhouse is being one of the most popular social networks in Spain at the beginning of the year. Such is its popularity that firms like Facebook are working on their own version. As many of you already know, the application is not available for Android devices, although in the Play Store we find a huge number of copies of it.

This is the problem that many users face when doing a search in the Google Play Store. Introducing Clubhouse we see that there are even apps with your official logo,but in reality it is about copies, which many download thinking that it is the original app.

Clubhouse is not available for Android

So far, Clubhouse has already been launched on the Apple App Store, but still not available in the Google Play Store. Despite this, the great popularity of this social network is causing many users to look for it in the official application store for Android, something that has caused the store to be flooded with fake applications, which try to get users to download them.

These apps in many cases they use the app logoas well as its name. Although if you enter them you will see that they have nothing to do with the social network of the moment. If you install any of these apps, you will see that many of them barely work or their interface is not even finished, but that they seek to take advantage of this popularity of the social network.

Clubhouse Google Play

The worst part is another app with the name Clubhouse, which is dedicated to project management, but to which negatives are raining down since this social network has become so popular. All this while waiting for the popular social network to finally launch on Android devices, something that remains undated.

In a statement to 9to5Google, the Clubhouse co-founder has confirmed that the Android version of the social network it’s a priority, so at some point it will hit the Play Store, but when is unknown. While we wait for this to happen, do not download any of these fake apps that are in the Google store, due to the possible risks that they could contain.

The entry Download Clubhouse on Android is not possible, although these images are real, they appear first in The Free Android.