Download apps by parts: this is how Google Play will achieve faster downloads

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Google Play Store

All Android users in Spain sometimes downloaded from Google Play. The application store left yesterday with good news for developers, by reducing the commission they charge. In addition, they are currently working on a mode with which to optimize the installation of applications on an Android phone.

App Install Optimization is the name of this mode with which it is intended that the app downloads from Google Play be faster. It is also intended that applications open more quickly, as well as faster operation of them on the device.

Faster downloads on Google Play

Download apps by parts: this is how Google Play will achieve faster downloads 1

This optimization in application downloads will be possible because Google Play will use the data of users who have them activated, to analyze which parts of an application are accessed first. This will prioritize the download of said parts, allowing that download to be optimized. It is therefore a predictive system, which is based on the data that users share.

The users may decide to share their data With google. This data that is shared includes data such as being able to know which part of an application has been accessed the first time they open the app on the phone. This gives information about the use made of the applications, as well as knowing which parts have priority. Google can thus identify the most important parts of an application.

The information obtained will be the one used to optimize these downloads on Google Play. To know what are the most important parts of an application, these parts will have priority when downloading and installing the app on an Android mobile. Users will be able to choose whether or not they want to share data, but even without data sharing, you can still benefit from these better downloads.

This feature is not shown yet for Google Play users, although it is expected to be made official soon in the app store. A system that promises to improve the download of applications on Android, which is something that many users wanted, even if it means having to share certain data with Google.

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