Do you want to share Amazon Prime? Every options

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Do you want to share Amazon Prime? Every options 1

Amazon Prime is a service with monthly or annual payment, a subscription that works as a pack of advantages of all kinds and for all kinds of users. Amazon Prime Video allows us to watch exclusive series and movies, Prime Reading has free ebooks that we can download every month, Prime Music allows us to listen to unlimited music with or without connection … And everything has a single price per month or per year. But can we share an account on Amazon Prime?

We must bear in mind that all the services integrated in Amazon have the same username and password. The same email address and the same password to access Prime Video as Prime Music, Prime Music and orders from your account in the online store. That is why the first thing you should bear in mind is that you cannot share one service, yes and another, but that it is an invisible package if you give your password to someone.

Plans and price

As we have said before, Amazon works like a single pack of advantages that includes series, videos, music, free storage of photos or ebooks. We cannot independently contract Prime Video if we want to see The Boys, for example. Payment is global and they include other options such as free shipping on many products, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Prime Music or Amazon Prime Reading … The same is true with Prime Music or Prime Reading: We cannot contract them independently without paying the others.

Some of the advantages: Free same day shipping, free one-day shipping, free two-business-day shipping, free standard island shipping, free two-hour delivery, free one-hour delivery with Amazon Fresh, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime Music, Prime Photo with unlimited storage for photos, Amazon Twitch Prime Gaming, Amazon Family, three-month trial on Audible …

The price of Amazon Prime is 3.99 euros per month or 36 euros per year (the equivalent of 3 euros per month) We can choose either of the two options. If we share the account with two or three people it would cost us 1.50 euros per month or 1 euro per month but we will see if it is worth doing on this platform and we will explain it to you in the next paragraphs.

Do you want to share Amazon Prime? Every options 2

Among students, in addition, it will be even cheaper. Prime Student It is priced at 18 euros per year with the same advantages: access to Prime Video, fast and free delivery, access to Prime Reading or Prime Gaming. We will have to prove that we are students today by following the steps indicated by Amazon.

amazon prime student

Share Prime, what to keep in mind?

Depending on what we want to share, a series of aspects must be taken into account. In the case of Amazon Prime Video we look at compatible devices or simultaneous reproductions, for example.

Share Amazon Prime Video

When it comes to knowing whether or not a streaming platform is recommended for sharing an account with other people, we must always pay attention to the same aspects: we can or cannot create independent profiles for the different people who share an account, how many devices that account can have with one session or how many people at the same time can be watching Amazon Prime Video with the same username and password without interrupting the playback of the series or movie.

  • Profiling

Amazon Prime Video did not allow the creation of profiles since it began to work, but it is a function that it added later but currently we can have up to six registered users per account. Amazon Prime Video enables profiling for six different people and each one has personalized recommendations according to their tastes and their history, an independent history or the concrete progress of each season or chapter without interrupting the others.

We can customize the profiles with different names and each one will follow its rhythm in the same series, you can have your history, etc. At first we could only choose a color and a name but now Amazon Prime Video allows us to choose the avatar of the series that we like and make it easily recognizable. In addition, there are children’s profiles that will limit content only to eligible movies and series.

Edit profiles

  • Registered devices

How many devices can have the same account started? Amazon Prime Video does not indicate it from the help page of its website as other competing platforms such as HBO, for example, do. In any case, you can start your Amazon Prime Video session on six or seven different devices without any problem and you will not see a notice that there are “too many”.

  • Simultaneous views

There can be up to three people watching content on the same Amazon Prime Video account regardless of whether or not you use the same profile. For example, you can see it on the web browser and your partner on the television, you on the tablet and your mother on the television and your father on the cable box. We can always see up to three content at the same time not counting downloads of series and movies that you can watch offline. But there is a “rule”: if you are watching the same series or movie, it can only be done from two devices at the same time using the same Amazon account.

Prime Reading

If you want to share Prime Reading we just have to bear in mind that it is included in the 36 euros per year and that we can send the content to all the books that we have registered. Can we have three different Kindles? Yes. Amazon Prime Reading only has one limitation.: works as a loan service and you can only have ten ebooks in your library but you decide how to manage them.

You can have three registered readers and simply send them to one or the other. Or we can download the free app Kindle for iOS or Android or even read them from your computer through the Kindle Cloud Reader version available for free. Two people can read the same thing by accessing the account, although there may be problems in reading tracking.

Prime Reading

Prime Music

Amazon Music nallows you to download hundreds of playlists and stations or listen in hands-free mode so we would have no problem sharing except that you must bear in mind that the lists created for one user are the lists created for the others. But it is enough for each one to make their list with a name indicating to which it belongs or even that you share them if you have the same tastes, there would be no problem.

If you do not create lists, there is absolutely no problem when it comes to sharing the account to listen to music but you must bear in mind that there are limits. We can only play on a streaming device. The rest will be able to do it to listen to the music offline. Just download it and you can do it.

amazon prime music conditions

Purchases and risks

Sharing your Amazon account in full means that everyone who are registered with that user, access the payment methods, to shopping. That is, you will not only be able to share watching series or movies with someone or be able to access free music or Prime offers Instead, you are giving him access to your Amazon account in the store where you probably must have a registered card or several payment methods and with a couple of clicks you can make a purchase.

There would be no problem sharing account with your partner (something logical if you live together, on the other hand) or with your siblings, with your parents, with your cousin, with your best friend or your roommates. But we have several problems. The first are the risks involved in having multiple registered cards and that you can “make a mistake” or that you do not have an order control (unless you can create profiles with Business Prime). The second, that it will not help you to “give gifts” on birthdays or Christmas, for example: the rest of your friends or relatives or people who share the account with you will see what you have bought.

Do you want to share Amazon Prime? Every options 3


Can we share an account? Yes. Both in Prime Video and in the rest of the options. In the case of Prime Video, taking into account all the above We have seen that we can share accounts with up to three people if we want to see content at the same time or up to four or five people if we are not concerned that we can coincide in playback time. Is it advisable to share a Prime account for all services? It depends on how confident you are with that person or if you think they may mistakenly buy something while they are browsing on Amazon and tap on “One Click Buy”, for example.

Of course, the price of Amazon Prime “compensates”For three euros a month if we take into account that it would be similar to paying for Netflix, Spotify … Although saving distances and with differences. You do not want to pay it and you prefer to reduce expenses? Sharing is an option as long as you take into account all the risks or problems that it may entail and that you have trust with those people. That is, your family or people in your close circle.

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