Do you know the hidden tray of Facebook messages? That’s how it works

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Hidden tray

Over time, Facebook has been adding different and better changes within its own platform. After the classic chats it contained, at the time it launched Messenger, its own messaging application to keep users connected. It is a program with many years, although there are many people who are unaware of the existence of a functionality. It is the hidden message tray of Facebook Messenger.

As we say, the messaging application has been with us for many years. Although it has not become as important an element as WhatsApp, it has millions of users around the world who use it every day.

What is Facebook Messenger

This application was developed in 2008, initially being classified as Facebook Chat. A couple of years later, the company revamped its messaging services and, in 2012, launched its new app. Although it is integrated into each personal Facebook profile, the truth is that Messenger it also works independently. That is why it has its own software, both for Android as for ios.

Basically, Messenger is very similar to WhatsApp and allows us to be in contact with other users directly. Its main advantage is that we can apply the well-known dark mode and there is no access to users’ phone numbers. If we spend a while with this app, we will realize that it is quite intuitive and easy to use. But perhaps, due to the existence of other alternatives that have surpassed it these years, we have not dedicated the necessary time to it. In addition, since it can also be used from the Facebook profile in an intrigued way, it makes the multiple options it offers go unnoticed for many users.

What functions does Messenger have

In Messenger we also have access to a ready of our Facebook friends to be able to chat. It informs us in real time of those connected. As in Telegram or WhatsApp, we can start chats and create groups, which are called here rooms.

It allows, for example, to carry out calls Y video calls unlimited free, with the incentive or drawback (depending on how you look at it) of not requiring access to a phone number, only a personal Facebook account is necessary.

From the chat itself, we can also send voice audios, locations, photos Y files, stickers and all kinds of messages that we can think of. And, as if that were not enough, it is possible to make our own stories. It also has some extra functions such as regards and some Minigames that we can share with our contacts.

What is the hidden message tray

The messaging application Facebook Messenger has little to envy to others such as WhatsApp, even there are few who argue that it is better. But at this point, surely you will not be surprised to learn that this application has a secret option that is somewhat unknown to a good number of users. It is a hidden message tray. Although it is not too hidden, we do not receive any notification about it and these chats remain forgotten.

Hidden tray

In this section of Messenger, some messages from unknown contacts that you have received at some point, even years ago, are stored. So to speak, it’s like a kind of message folder spam. These communications may come from other users that the Facebook algorithm detects as unknown. Thus, it sends these messages directly to the hidden folder.

In general, in order to safeguard the privacy of its users, Facebook usually sends messages to this secret site that come from some people who are not in your contact list, or those related to advertisements Y advertising.

How to Access

It is also possible that the established filters have been wrong and the hidden Facebook message tray has some communications from a person who has wanted to get in touch for some important reason.

It is therefore convenient to make a Periodic revision of this section to avoid any surprises. From here, we can continue to chat with the person and make a few more adjustments to bring this conversation out of its ostracism. We are going to teach how to access it from the facebook website and from the own messenger app.

From the browser

On the website that we access from our browser, the Facebook Messenger application is integrated. Therefore, no registration or installation is required.

  • To get started, we access the website and register with our user and password.
  • The next step is to go to the Messages. They are represented by the Messenger icon itself at the top right of the Facebook wall.

Hidden tray

  • We click and our list of active chats will be displayed. At this time we will have to access the menu options of the window (the three dots).
  • Then, we will be in the window of Chat settings, a section that for many will be unknown until now. There, we go to Message request and click on it.
  • Easy and simple. Suddenly we will find several chats that Facebook has hidden. To have full access we give See everything in Messenger.

Hidden tray

Now you can perform various actions on each of the conversations. If you put the pointer over them and click on the three dots, you can directly open the chat and respond to messages. You can also mute the conversation, mark as unread or, directly, access this user’s profile.

From the mobile app

In the case of the mobile application, the process is also extremely simple. But the fundamental requirement is that you must have the Facebook Messenger app installed. You can download it for both devices Android as for systems ios.

Once the software is installed and your user is authenticated, you will have the icon available to directly access the chat from your mobile. It will not be necessary to go through the original Facebook application for this. Although both options will be found here integrated.

  • Open the app Facebook Messenger from your phone and you will find yourself again with all your chats and conversations.
  • Now we have to access the button Settings, which is the icon with our profile photo located at the top left.

Hidden tray

  • There will be different options available to configure our account. One of the first to appear again is Message requests. Get in here.
  • You will already have access, in the same way as the website, to the hidden tray of Facebook Messenger messages.

Hidden tray

You can scroll to take a look at all the conversations. You also have several options available. In this case, the site is organized between Maybe you know, which may be users who have tried to contact you, and Spam, whose messages are advertisements or advertisements.

If you click on each conversation you can access it and read it. You may remove them, to block the user, create a group from this message or even open a chat bubble and start a conversation if it’s important enough to you.

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