Do you get a lot of spam emails in Gmail? So you can avoid it

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Stop spam in Gmail

One of the most annoying things on the web right now is the spam for email. If you use Gmail You will not get rid of all these types of messages unless you take action against it, so today we are going to tell you how you can do to stop receiving it.

At some point we have all received spam emails with greater or lesser intensity. Obviously the more we receive the more annoying they are, but, although we receive few, the truth is that they are still just as annoying and can interfere with the display of other messages than if they are truly important.

What exactly is email spam?

We can say that email spam is a series of unwanted messages mainly intended for advertising, although there may be some case in which the message contains some type of malware or worse.

It can be identified because it usually meets certain standards:

  • Never has a clear greeting towards us, that is, they usually start with our dear customer, Our Lord and sometimes even greet their own email account.
  • Many times the spelling is really bad, since they are direct translations of online tools that are dedicated to it.
  • Usually carry repeated keywords over and over again, but the truth is that many times it does it by means of spaces between letters, with @ symbols in the middle and things like that. They do this to try to avoid the spam detectors that many of us have on our computers.
  • When they carry attached files they become more dangerous, since we do not know what this file can bring. In that case, never open that document or if it is an executable file, even less.

Block an email address in Gmail

Gmail already integrates a system to identify spam, but it is not 100% efficient and it may be the case that an email that is spam identifies it as normal. If it happens once, the safest thing is that the following times the email will get out of the spam control of the Google service, so it is best to block it ourselves so that it is always identified as spam.

In the computer

If we are in the computer version, the steps will be the following:

  • We open Gmail on our PC.
  • Now we identify the message and open it.
  • At that moment we click on the three vertical points at the top right of the message.
  • Now we click on Block to (sender’s name will appear).

Block in Gmail

If you block a person and it turns out that later you realize that it is not actually spam, to unblock it you only have to do these same steps, but by clicking on Unlock to.

On an Android, iPhone or iPad

If we are going to perform this action on an Android mobile, an iPhone or an iPad, you must do the following:

  • We open the Gmail application on the phone.
  • We identify the message and proceed to open it.
  • Then we click on More (three vertical dots) from the upper right.
  • And finally we must click Block to (sender’s name).

As was the case in the computer version, if you want to accept the messages from that person again, we must carry out the same steps, but by clicking on Unlock to.

Unsubscribe from mass emails

It could also be the case that we have registered on a website and from it they are sending us emails regularly, all of them and full of advertising. Although it may also be that we have signed up for a newsletter, but we did not expect that they would send us so many emails per day.

In the computer

Well, Gmail allows us to solve this problem in the following way:

  • We open Gmail on our computer.
  • At this time we open one of the emails that we no longer want to continue receiving.
  • Next to the sender, we click Cancel subscription or Change preferences. If by chance neither of these two messages appears, we must block the sender in the way we have told you before, that is, as an individual message.

Cancel gmail subscription

On an Android, iPhone or iPad

If we have a mobile with an Android operating system or a device with iOS, the way to cut mass messages is as follows:

  • We have to open on our device the Gmail application.
  • We open the mail that we want you to stop sending us so many messages at the same time.
  • Now, at the bottom, we tap on Cancel subscription or Change preferences. We remind you that, as happened in the computer version, if these two options do not appear, what we must do is block it as a single user, as we saw lines above.

If we want to stop seeing the Gmail recommendations to cancel subscription, which can sometimes be somewhat heavy, we have to perform these simple steps, valid for Android phones and iOS devices.

  • In the upper left corner we must click on More (three vertical stripes).
  • Next we must go to Settings, and then access the account that we want to modify.
  • Now in Inbox tips, let’s click on Inbox Tips Settings.
  • The last thing we should do is uncheck the box next to Unsubscribe tips.

Mark a message as spam

Although the system for detecting Gmail spam is quite good, it can always happen that there is one that is not able to identify it and that it reaches our Inbox.

In the computer

Well if we want immediately mark it as spam, is done as follows:

  • We go to Gmail on a computer.
  • We mark the box to the left of the message or we open it.
  • Now we click on Mark as spam Report spam, located at the top.

flag spam gmail

On the Android mobile, iPhone or iPad

To mark as spam an email that we already have in the inbox on our mobile devices we must:

  • Once we have the Gmail app open, we touch the letter or the photo that we will see on the left of the message or we open the message itself, that already to the taste of each one.
  • Now click on the top right More (three vertical points).
  • At that time we can click on Mark as spam.

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